Monday, December 11, 2006

He's TWO!

<3 Bunny Love <3
Big Man
It's HIS party and he'll cry if he wants to!
He likes that everyone is singing to him.
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as much lately! Austin is two now and requires a different kind of attention now. He is very energetic and babbly. :-) He's second birthday went well and he got a lot of neat new things. Some of his favorites were his basketball hoop, a dancing, singing spiderman and his mr. pototato head.
He loves going outside and for walks and he doesn't like when either daddy or mommy leave the apartment. Another thing he likes to do is put on daddy's bike helmet and say, "bike, bike!" I think I should be worried for when he turns 16 and is wanting to drive daddy's bike, or get one of his own. :-S
Christmas is almost here and we've got some cute pictures to send along w/ everyone's christmas card. We are all planning on heading up north to see the Green and Zygutis families. :-)
This year autumn was a little more chilly than the past two years. Austin doesn't mind though, and I am a little happy to find that I have long sleeved shirts in my wardrobe again. We won't be visiting Wisconsin this winter, but we look forward to May when we can see everyone there again.
:-) That's all for now. Hopefully I can get back into posting pictures and maybe a funny story or two every couple of weeks. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Austin's October

Austin has done so many cute things in the last month. I don't even think I can begin to tell you about all of it, but I'll try. When I tell him I love him he says, "I love you too." When we went trick-or-treating he said "tricka tricka cheat, tricka cheat" in the parking lot (of the mall). inside he just said "thank you, thank you, thank you," while lugging around his candy bag. He is good at asking for food and drink and can say things like "wanna banana" and "where's the juice?" He also can hold small conversations. He likes to repeat EVERYTHING! He loves being outside and he loves our new bunny, although he is still a little too rough with it. His second birthday is coming soon and there are so many things I want to get him, he hardly needs anything at all though. He loves playing with other kids and can be good at sharing sometimes. He's also incredibly polite and always says "please" before stealing someone else's toy. He will give it back if you ask him nicely though. Also he says sorry when told to. Grandpa and Grandma Green and uncle Derek are coming to visit for his second birthday and we are all very excited! :-D Sorry I've only been getting one post a month in for the past couple of months. Babysitting cuts down on my free time. ;-) We miss all of you and hope you enjoy the slideshow. :-D

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Austin in September

Told you I'd get some pictures up eventually. August ones are still going to have to wait though...
Regulate speed by hitting the forward button, if you want it to go faster than I've set it...
AND reference captions below to see what the pic is all about.
Each caption has a number that correlates w/ the number at the top of the slide.

~Captions for slideshow~
1Austin started wearing size 7 shoes this month.
grandma johnston got him these nikes.

2We tried out a halloween costume...

3It got to him after a while...

4then he got used to it, and even enjoyed it... I had to pry it off of him actually.

5Randomly my son picks of pieces of garbage and contemplates their meaning. (This was a straw wrapper.)

6Austin has friends to play w/ during the day now, as I am babysitting for a couple of kiddies.

7Oh yeah, he's a little daredevil. He's totally sitting on something he should NOT be sitting on. He fell shortly after this picture. (No injury was aquired.)

8We were outside when daddy came home one day and Austin ran to greet him. In return Sam let Austin on the bike and started it up.

9Biking boy!

10Time for a walk... and look at that little man march.

11Following the path before him.

12With all that biking and walking he worked up an apetite. :-)

13And then he passed out. It was quite funny. He was snacking, looked over at me and said, "nigh nigh," and pretty much just passed out on the couch.

14Next day, same clothes... more lounging. (They were his "night" clothes both days.)

15Here is right after he got in trouble for playing with the screen on the sliding door.

16Check him out! This little dude is surfin'...

17He even said "SURFIN'!" as he crouched w/ his arms out on the ironing board.

18Smart move on my part... I let him feed himself yogurt... clothed.

19What a MESS!!!

20One of Austin's best buds, Michael. :-D

21Austin being a ball hog.

22And now he's ticked off because Michael tried to take a different ball.

23This is at Michael's house on one of mommy's "Girl's Nights."

24We went out to Killer Pizza from Mars and Austin got into some video games.
25Route 66 in San Bernadino... lots of old, nice looking cars. Austin wasn't too fond of the revving of engines.

26TGI Fridays.

27Austin was scooping up sour cream w/ his hand and eating it straight! :-P YUCK!!!

28Before going to a little daycare group thing he does once a month. (Isn't he so handsome??)

29Not wanting to finish getting ready. He's such a little man with his arms crossed.

30Awww! He's hugging his friend Livi.:-D

31It's almost the same "popeye" face he did when he was a baby. :-D

32He thinks mommy is silly.

33And juice is always good.

34Getting in some practice before Halloween.

35He was defending his chair.

36Just being a little goofball reacting to something on tv.

37Green Go... or as Austin likes to say "Go, Go, GO!"

38Must not have had a long enough nap.

39Poor thing.

40We thought about mailing him to one of you... but he kept trying to eat the peanuts. :-P (YEAH right! We'd never ship him away! How would we possibly entertain ourselves without him?)

41A little more energy before bed. He HAD to wear his boots.

42Silly guy.

Friday, September 8, 2006

So so Much!

Unfortunately our internet has been down for quite some time and before it was down we were very busy. Thus the updating this site has been on hold for some time... But, have no fear, because we are back!

August was a very busy and eventful month, because I want to tell you about cute things Austin's done and because it is almost midnight I am not doing a photo blog right now, but as soon as I have time you will see pictures.

Sam came home August 7th. We watched the hovercraft come to shore and it was a very cool experience. I told Austin that daddy was on the boat. After the craft landed we had to drive back to where Sam would be getting off. Austin kept pointing at the machines saying "daddy, boat?" And I said, "Yes, daddy is on the boat." Also while we were waiting there were a number of people in uniform and Austin kept saying, "daddy? that daddy?" It was adorable. When Sam finally approached us Austin was a stinker and turned away, then he gave him the silent treatment for a little less than an hour. Of course now everything is fine and Austin is very happy to have Sam home, as am I. Often times yet Austin points to Sam's pictures and says, "Daddy! Daddy!" (That's how I tried to keep him fresh in Austin's head while he was gone.)

On August 15th Austin got his 1st haircut. I was helping Sam clip his hair and Austin was watching. He started patting his head so Sam pulled him near and gave him a buzz w/ a number 2. Next time were going number 1 on him. He has been very cute with his short fuzzy hair and it's fun to see it grow in. Now it looks more like Sam's thick hair than my thin hair.

Around the same time as his haircut Austin started saying thank you rather regularly. We are still working on please but he is getting better every day.

One of Austin's new words that I think is impressive is "helicopter." In living next to base we see our fair share of helicopters every day and one day we were outside and Austin hears the chopper, points up and says, "what's that?" I say, "It's a helicopter. Can you say heli-cop-ter?" Austin goes "hehcoper." So sweet!

Grandma Johnston (my mom) and Grandpa Eric came to visit August 26-September 1. There was a lot going on while they were here... We went to the wild animal park, sea world, the zoo and the beach several times. Austin also got a new bike. He loves saying the word "bike" and he can say "helmet" or "hehmet" as well. He is also very good about wearing his helmet when he goes on his bike.

On August 31st Austin went to his first birthday party of a friend. It was a backyardigans pirate theme birthday and it was very cool. Austin was so cute, but I felt a little bad because he thought the party was for him and kept trying to get all the attention... He was pretty good though and got cake and hit a pinata, and got to play with some of his friend Michael's new birthday toys. :-)

That is pretty much all I can think of to say at the moment. The past few days I have been watching one of my friends sons. Austin has a playmate for the day. He's adjusting okay, but sometimes he gets angry that someone else is playing with his toys and if I have someone else on my lap Austin must be there too.

I will post pictures for as many of the above mentioned events as I have pictures for and I should be able to keep this a little more up to date now that summer is over. We'll see. Hope everyone is well and we send hugs and kisses!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

~Austin's Artwork~

Well my little bug lately has decided that he likes to put toys in the broiler... I didn't figure it out til one night when I was cooking there happened to be a great amount of smoke and nothing had spilled and nothing was where it could catch on fire to my knowledge... The next day I heard the broiler opening and closing and went in the kitchen to find that little Austin Eric was putting everything that he could fit under the oven. The art on my wall, (not the faces) is the work of Austin E. Green. I think it's a nice touch. One baseball, (the charred, semi-white thing in the top right hand corner) and two stacking cups. (I'm not sure which numbers they were.) There was also a hacky-sack, but that wasn't so pretty. Since the incident Austin is monitored carefully if he's in the kitchen and I always check the broiler before cooking. :-D

Thursday, August 3, 2006


Austin's been a handful lately. Sam comes back the 7th. Yay! Here's a pic w/ three generations in it...

Grandma-------------------------------- Mom
(Penny Johnston)---------------(Amy Green)
Amusing, is it not?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Pix from Wisconsin

Austin and his 2nd cousin Claire at Long Lake.

Austin and Claire playing nice.

Trying to crawl in the stroller.(Wrong part of the stroller though.

Austin and Maia at Lakeside Park.

Claire giving Austin a push.

The little bug is pretty content to be back home and play with his old toys again. And yesterday he got to enjoy the luxury of having a pool at the apartment complex. I think he misses WI a little because yesterday he saw a picture of grandma and said, "gamma, gamma, i wah see gamma."

It was precious. :-)

Daddy comes home in 16 days! Yay!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Wisconsin Trip -the first two weeks-

here are some "blips" from my updates on austin to sam via email.

austin's taken pretty well to everyone so far, except tim... he's a little afraid of tim. i think it's the facial hair. it should be better after this weekend. i'll make sure to take some pix and stuff of camping. i'm hoping to get austin to hit the ball on mini golf. i'm so excited.

austin probably won't mind hearing your (sam's) voice. today he started saying bye bye in every house we're in. i think he's ready to go home. poor little guy has a while to go yet. :-S

camping went fine. i pretty much just chased after austin the whole time.

we went to the park and went on a couple of rides. it was nice. austin is Finally taking a nap...

the night before we left for wisconsin austin climbed/fell out of his crib. he says "string cheese" now, and sometimes when he says "no" he emphasizes it a lot, and he can say "yeah". it's pretty cute. mom's husband taught him how to put his fists up when he says fight and tim taught him to say "bachi."

after breakfast we went to mom's house and let austin play outside with the bunny for a while. there was a dog across the street that kept barking and austin started barking back. it was pretty funny.

we all went to the water park. it was fun, austin was asleep for the first little while we were there, then he woke up and we went in the water and down like a baby water slide. he loves water he can actually stand up in. it's so cute. :-) he's very brave and he's gotten really good at holding his breath if his head goes under water.

Austin says "baby" now instead of "baba." it's very cute.

Austin is saying "basket ball" (well, actually backet ball) now... and he said "suitcase" (zootgaze) and he calls food "numa num," cuz I always say "num nums" to him.

tonight we went to see fireworks in a little town about thirty minutes away. austin didn't mind the fireworks that were being lit off far away, (we couldn't really hear them.) when the fireworks where we were started he pulled one of my hands over his eyes and covered one of his ears with his free hand. he didn't cry at all though. he fell asleep about halfway through the show. after that nothing fazed him at all. it was crazy. our son would sleep through world war 3 if he was tired enough. :-P crazy kid.

he's so funny and a big flirt. he's made like three girlfriends in stores and at parks since we've been here. it's so entertaining. the little girl he met at the mall was chasing him and giving him big kisses. it was So cute.

i don't remember if i told you or not but austin comes up to me now and says "kiss" and then he kisses me... and he trys to bite my face sometimes... :-S :-)

when i'm back in cali and get a chance i'll post what the last two weeks of wisconsin were like.

Happy Independence Day everyone!
God bless America!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Love Animals!!!

Mom and I are visiting Wisconsin, and there is a nice park in mom's hometown. At the park there is a petting zoo and it has goats, burros, llamas, cows, sheep and ponies. I liked the cows the best. This is a picture of me hugging them. :-)
Last weekend mommy took me camping with my grandpa and uncle Isaiah and my grandpa's girlfriend and her son and her nephew. There was a feeding time for the goats and I got right in the action!
This is me with grandpa and his girlfriend Lori. I was very hyper when we were camping. In the picture I am eating a granola bar.
Here I am exploring. I loved all the things I could climb on and get into while we were camping. I didn't like that I couldn't go in the road, but I guess mommy wants me to be around for a while.
This is just me feeding the goats again. For a little while there were a few other kids there, they lost interest before me and left though, so then I had the goats all to myself. :-)
So far Wisconsin has been fun. I might not be sleeping enough but I am definately getting my fair share of outside time. Tomorrow I get to go with my grandma to a pool that has slides. :-) I'll post again when I have more pictures and more stories to tell.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Day at the Lake

Well, the pictures are slightly out of order but here they are...
Austin crashed w/ his friend Amanda after a long day in the sun and water.
Just before he fell asleep and just after he got out of the water and dried off he chatted w/ his buddy Carlos. :-D
When we first got to the lake Austin was captivated by the sounds and sights.
Here he is becoming a sand monster with his friend April. Mommy put on the first bit of sand, and then he got into it.
After we got home from the picnic Austin took a good nap and then we were off to another gathering. There he got to play w/ a ten month old named Kayden. She lives in the same complex as us and is a Very friendly baby. :-D

We are leaving for Wisconsin early Tuesday morning and won't be in California again until July 18th. Sam left Friday morning and will be gone for two months but he still has the ability to communicate by e-mail and once in a while phone.

We'll update from Wisconsin when we get the chance!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go, go, go!

This is Austin and Sam at the barbeque we went to up north. My sister-in-law took the picture. :-)

Anyway, things have been a little crazy lately. Austin is constantly busy. He loves attention and he loves discovering new things. One of his favorite things to do is open and close the screen door. Sometimes to open it he runs at it from across the room and knocks it off the track. I don't really like when he uses that method.

Another thing that he seems to get some enjoyment out of is finding fruit or vegatables and repeating the word ball. If he decides to pick up the apple, orange, potato, or onion he goes on to whip it across the room and clap as it lands on the floor. He has also started saying "throw it" when he performs an act such as this. It's very adorable.

To get a break from the T.V. and to keep myself a little occupied while cleaning I turned on my "Joseph and the Amazing Techni-colored Dream Coat" soundtrack and was singing along with it. Austin chimed in at the "Go, go Joe" part but instead of "Go, go Joe!" Ausitn yelled, "Go, go, go!" It was one of the cutest things I think I've ever witnessed.

He has got me quite tired out though and I don't really know how I'm going to survive in airports and on a plane with him. Pray for us. :-D

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

My Weekend Away

This past weekend I spent a lot of time at my grandma and grandpa Green's house. I got to play with my cousins Ellie and Rebecca a bunch. Ellie and I had a good time because we're both a little bigger. This is a picture of Rebecca and me though...

On Saturday I went to a barbeque/carnival. I ran around a lot and made some new friends. Daddy had me have a contest with one of his friends baby's to see who could hold on to the monkey bars the longest. I weigh more than that boy did so it wasn't quite fair, but I'll get him next time. :-P

The weekend tired me out and I slept for a long time on the way home. Because of the barbeque and the fact that our trip had to be rescheduled a few times before we actually got up to NorCal I didn't get to see a lot of my great aunts and uncles, and I didn't get to see nonnie and pop either. Hopefully next time we visit I will get to see everyone and maybe I'll even get a chance to swim in the river... I've only ever been in a pool.

Daddy's about to leave for Hawaii in less than two weeks and a few days later I'm going to Wisconsin. I'll have to adjust a lot. I'm a tough guy though and I'm going to like the all the attention I get in Wisconsin. :-D

I'll have mom post more when there is more. Today we might try to go swim in the pool with my new floaties... and dad's on duty so we're going to have dinner at Katie's house and I always love to see her! I miss everyone! Thanks grandma and grandpa Green for playing with me this weekend... and thank you also uncle Derrek... I had a lot of fun with you too!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Just Chillin'

This week mom and dad bought me a few things and I'm enjoying them very much. I got this cool chair you see in the picture and I love it because it's just my size. I also got a couple of new sippy cups. They're bigger than my old ones because I'm a big boy and I need to drink a lot.

I also got some floaties for in the pool. My took me out the other day and I really enjoyed it. When it was time to go in the house I didn't want to so I went back to the pool and tried to get in by myself. Mom was right next to me though, so when I crawled in where there were no stairs she was right there to help me crawl back out.

So finally this weekend I am going up north to see some of my family. Dad, mom and I are all leaving tonight. We're leaving at night so I don't have to deal w/ being uncomfortable because I will probably be sleeping most of the way. There is going to be a carnival where we are going and if there I rides slow enough for me I might get to go on some.

It's only 19 more days until I get to go with mommy to see some family in Wisconsin. When I am there I will get to swim in a lake for the first time and I will probably do a few other new things too.

That's all I've got for now. You can probably read how my weekend was in the next post. Love you all!

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Year and a Half

My baby is a year and a half today! He's so cute and sweet. Anyway, he had a check up yesterday to make sure where he cut his lip/face open is okay... and it is! We're happy about that. Not too much has happened since the boo boo. He keeps talking more and more all the time and is a very silly little person. :-) He's sleeping right now since it's just about mid-night. Soon I'm going to look up the number to voice post on here, then you can actually hear some of his babbling. :-D

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh my...

Hello family and friends! Sorry we haven't been updating as often lately... It's been sort of hectic around the Green home lately. Sam's been doing a lot of work and he'll probably be promoted to second class soon because of it, I've gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and finished my spring semester of college, and Austin... Well Austin has just kept being his precious self. :-)

Yesterday he was playing and he tripped into a bookshelf and cut his bottom lip and the skin below his bottom lip open. He went to the emergency room and got two stitches. He gets Advil and a popsicle every six hours to help him cope with the pain and he is his usual chipper self.
We still haven't managed to make it up north to visit our family. Work and teeth problems prevented us from that... Now we are planning a third trip that will hopefully take place and it is for the first weekend of June. We are all looking forward to it very much.
Recently Austin began using eating utinsils with his meals. He is doing a spectacular job and is well on his way to being a "big boy."
The little tough guy isn't really nursing anymore and sits at the table to eat. He loves french fries, potato salad, juice, cheese and pizza.
He still says new things everyday. I couldn't possibly keep track of it all on a blog anymore. He's very cheery and hyper and loves to mimic and tickle.

He has a doctor's appointment next Wednesday to get his stitches out, and he needs to get his 15 and 18 month booster shots.

:-S Poor little dude can hardly catch a break. He's a great kid though. :-)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some Pictures. (To see larger pics just click on them)

Ha! I've got mom's comb... She still can't find where I hid it. :-)
This is my new friend Zeth. He just turned one a couple of weeks ago.
Dad is teaching me how to play video games at a young age. :-P
Zeth and I are wrestling.

Busy Week

This week has been full of things to do. Mom and I have been walking every day and we have some new friends at the apartment complex that come over for play dates. Yesterday we went to the park with our new friends and some of our old friends. It was like mommies and babies on parade. I went down the slide by myself and loved it!

Today I got to visit Katie's house while mommy went to the dentist. Katie took me for a walk to McDonalds. I fell asleep on the way home and when I woke up mommy was there. I got to play with Katie's doggies and her son Carlos. Carlos is four and likes to play with me a lot.

Tomorrow we are leaving for northern California. We'll probably have another busy weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all my grandma's/great grandma's. And to all the other mothers who read this. :-)

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Walking and Talking

Yesterday and today mommy and I went for a little longer walks than usual. I got sunkissed yesterday... It was cloudy when we went out, but the clouds went away and even though mom had the top of the stroller out to shade me the sun still got me a little.

Today on our walk there were some dogs barking and I said "quiet!" I also have recently learned some words in sign language. I can say "eat" and "more." I understand "all gone/finished." Mommy just started teaching that to me three days ago and I am catching on fast.

Next weekend I get to go up to northern California and visit my grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins. Mom and dad are hoping that I take a long nap on the way there, or at least that I'm content to sit in a car seat for eight hours or more.

The picture posted with this entry of me is from about a week ago. I love throwing my ball and playing catch. I can also kick. Dad and mom like to play ball with me.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Words, words, words...

Today was good... I went for a walk with mom and Ali and Michael, ate lunch, took a long nap and then played outside again for a little while. It was a little chilly out, but it didn't bother me. Mom kept wanting to go inside but I wanted to explore... I walked around the grounds of the apartment again and was asking what everything was. I know what trees are and make sure to point and say "tee" everytime I see one.

Today I pointed to some bushes and said "bushes." And mommy showed me some pretty flowers and I said "pitty." I said, "pitty," a few more times for practice while we looked at some different flowers and when mommy showed me a pink wand after we went inside.

Mom and I played with some of my toys while daddy took a nap. I like making banging sounds with anything I can. We all just finished watching "Hoodwinked," and now I have to go to bed. Other than saying "bushes" and "tree," I can also say "belly button," it sounds like "bay button," and this weekend I learned how to say "butt." The new words are coming along well.

Oh yeah, this morning when mom came and got me out of my crib she asked me what I wanted and I said, "cheese." and then she said, "okay, I'll get you cheese," and then I said, "juice." We also had some cereal after the cheese stick and juice. It's nice to have people be able to understand what I want. :-D

Monday, May 1, 2006

My Weekend

This picture was taken on Friday when Michael came to my house. We're sharing my drum. We got to play again last night at his house and then he shared his toys with me. He's got neat toys that are unfamiliar to me so I had extra fun playing with those. At his house we went in a hot tub and I liked that a lot. He was very splashy, and after awhile I got splashy too. I'm excited for when it's warmer out so mom and I can swim in the pool at our apartment complex.

On Saturday dad and mom had a barbecue. I liked it because I got to eat hotdogs and play outside. While I was wondering around I ventured into the laundry room following a couple and their baby. Mom and I met them and they are sort of new at the complex and the same ages as daddy and mommy. Their little girl is eight and a half months. I got to play with her for a little while because it was her outside time too.

I said two/three more words this weekend... "cheese," "cracker," and "cookie." Three of my favorate things! ;-)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

And the word for the day is...

PLEASE! Of course it sounded more like peas, but hey we take what we can get... It's mom writing, Austin's in bed. But yeah, this evening Austin wanted a sucker and he handed it to me and I was telling him that he had enough sweets for one day and he said "Peas?" And omigosh I just had to let him have it. I'm in trouble!!! That was the cutest thing I think I've ever heard. I wanted to give him whatever he wanted and more. Hopefully it will be a short lived weakness on my part.
Today my friend Ali brought over her son and he and Austin got to interact with him. They're something like eight months apart but Michael (her son) is a big/strong boy so the age difference doesn't seem to matter a ton. Austin was pretty good at sharing his toys, but he was a little selfish when it came to cookies. Michael was sharing with Austin but Austin wanted them all. He's still just a little guy though so we have some more time to practice sharing and letting other people eat their own cookies.
Last night Austin got really hyper and he was wrestling with Sam. He was acting so crazy, like he was on a sugar kick or something. It was really cute, but he kept trying to bite Sam... Hopefully we can somehow teach him it's okay to wrestle with daddy, but it's not okay to wrestle with kids littler than him.
Well, that's all I've got for now... He's just SO cute! Gotta love him! :-D

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Morning Walk

This morning mom and I went for a walk with our friends Ali and Michael. Ali is close to mommy's age and Michael is a baby like me, so it works out nicely. I love going for walks, and I love being around other kids. Michael is still a little too young for me to really play with, but we stare at eachother a lot and take turns clapping.

I've been trying to say some new words every day. I'm getting pretty good at "banana." I really like bananas so it's nice to know how to ask for them. Today on our walk we stopped by another friends mom's house, when we were leaving I was saying "bye bye" and waving a lot. Then for the rest of the way home I said "bye bye" and waved. Some of the words I have recently tried to learn or already know are "Hi" "Hello" "eye" "What's this?" "Who's that?" "juice" "ball" "happy" "bracelet" "What?" "yes" "no" "don't" "mom" "dada" "night night" and maybe a few others, but neither mom nor I can think of them right now.

That's about all the updating I have for now. The worst of my teething this time around has seemed to pass and I'm getting on a better sleep schedule at night. Mom and dad are pleased. :-D

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The beginning of the Week... and some pictures.

Just Me and Mom
Banana Face
Brushin' My Toofers
This week has started off okay. I had a little trouble going to bed on time these past two nights. The "New Parent Support Group" lady told mom that it could be because I'm trying to reschedule my sleep pattern. Mom doesn't mind because that means instead of 10PM I'll be going to bed more around 9PM.
Yesterday mom and I went for a walk around the apartment complex grounds. I brought a ball with and we played catch and I kicked it a little and I just ran and tumbled a bit too. It was all very exciting.
After dad came home from work and mom came home from school this evening daddy brought in a snail for me to observe. I was fascinated by it. I tried to pick it up but it was stuck to the aluminium dad had placed down for it. I thought it was pretty neat. I love little critters or really anything that I'm not suppose to have.
Mom made chocolate cupcakes tonight and boy oh boy did I like the frosting. I didn't get to eat too much, but what I did eat was Mmm, mmm good! I hope you like the pictures!

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Own Way

I've always liked doing things my own way and on my own time. It started a long time ago when I was still in my mommy's tummy and became more aparent when I started crawling. I would never do a "normal" crawl. No... I'm an individual, I've just got to be unique. If crawling unlike any other wasn't enough for me the way I hold my sippy cup might just be. I usually hold it this way, no matter how many times mommy or daddy turns it around and tells me I wouldn't have to tilt my head back so much if I just held it the way they show me how to hold it. What fun is it to be like everyone else and do things the "easy" way? I like to do them MY way!
Mommy and I have been cleaning my room for the past two days. It's like having all new toys. I get so excited with every new thing she hands me.
Yesterday she found a little stuffed smiley face toy that sings "Groovy Kind of Love." She used to put it in the crib with me when I was younger because it soothed me and made me laugh. Anyway I haven't seen it in a long time and when she pushed the button and started singing I think it brought back memories because I got this nostalgic/excited look on my face and said, "ooh?!" And then I grabbed it off the organizer it was sitting on and hugged it and tried to sing along. Mom thought it was cute.
Another thing I got to do yesterday and today was climb on some boxes and my toybox (after mom put the lid on it) You'd think I was a monkey or at least a brave little daredevil. I just climb right up on those things and pace and dance and climb down and then back up. Mom gets pretty nervous when I do stuff like that but I don't think she should worry that much. It's not much more than a foot, foot and a half off the ground and I'm tough... I've got a hard head.
I've gotten into trying to sing along with songs lately. I love my little spider toy that sings the abc's. I push it's tummy and try to sing along. Yesterday I said r,s,u, and w. The "w" sounded like "dow-ooh." I also know how to make the "Groovy Kind of Love" smiley sing, (all I have to do is squeeze it's hand) I like to do that and try to sing along as well.
Tomorrow is the start of National Turn-off the TV Week. Mom thinks it's a good idea but I don't know if I'm gonna like it. I think I'll be okay during the day and at night I'll probably get to watch a little with dad. :-D
I'm cutting two of my bottom molars right now. It doesn't feel the best and it makes for some long nights, but I'll be happy when I have them and can chew a little more effeciently.
That's all my news for now. I'll make sure mommy posts if anything new happens. :-D