Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today was fantastic. We went for a walk, to the park, and bowling. Austin was brave at the park, he climbed around and went down the slide and crossed a shaky bridge all by himself. He was pretty good at bowling. The hardest part for him is letting other people take turns, but he made it through. It was him, uncle Isaiah and myself. Austin almost beat me the first game. :-O

Tonight he colored the most beautiful picture of a chicken and two eggs. He filled the entire page with bright colors! It looks magnificent!

When I told him it was time for bed, instead of screaming and reaching for a couch cushion to hang on to for dear life, he ran to his bedroom and climbed under the covers. Omigosh was I amazed and relieved.

I grabbed a bedtime story to read, "Rapid Robert Roadrunner," and Austin read the words run, sand, cactus and again all throughout the book. It was great! It's incredible seeing him learn, and exciting as well!

We snapped a couple pictures on our outside excursion, and bowling. Enjoy!!!

He looks cute, but he yearns to get down from the fence!

I think I've mentioned how much he like to put things together and take things apart... He's trying to unscrew the top of the fire hydrant.

Rolling! Or bowling. Whatever's easiest to say, right?

Oooh, how all the cool kids bowl. (He did throw a couple on his own though.) He loves lugging around that 10 pound ball... Better the ball than his sister I suppose. ;-P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Model Newborn

In Wisconsin it is imperative to STAY WARM. Mommy makes sure I stay warm by keeping me bundled up when we go outside. Of course, now that inklings of spring are starting to show, I don't need to wear quite as much every time I'm taken out.

Staying inside requires different attire. Mom's got the apartment at a toasty 76, so I can get away with a long sleeved onesy and a hat. This makes diaper changes faster and the strain on mom's and Austin's ears smaller. (I don't like my dirty diapers!)

Lounging around never looked so good. Thanks to a lot of nice people I have an adorable wardrobe. Mommy was sent to Wisconsin with plenty of clothes for a baby girl. Luckily, that girl is me! My lounging has recently, as of today, progressed to actual moving. I was having my tummy time and I scooted my body in a circle. My tummy stayed in the same spot, but boy did my legs to a lot of squirming! Mobility aside, I actually am quite content to be propped into a sitting position. As long as mom is next to me and doesn't let me tip too far I am happy!

When babies attack!
I'll be there leading the way! :-D Mom snapped this shot of me before I was even a week old. I am even better at holding my head up now. People need to be careful when they carry me because I like to throw myself backwards.

In other recent happenings in my life, I have started cooing and making random noises a lot more. I have a lot to say, unfortunately most of the time I am not understood. :-S ;-)

Friday, March 7, 2008

My 1st Day In "The Real World" (Out of the Hospital)

Life lesson #1 - How to Pick a Nose. ;-) My big brother got to hold me, and he wanted to teach me. We went to grandma J.'s house for a couple days before settling back in our own place. It was nice for Mom to still have someone around before taking on both Austin and myself!

Don't I look super strong? My uncle found a ripped dollar bill and he and mom set me up like this. They think I'm the sweetest girl. :-)

I was pink like the towel I was laying on. This is right before my first sponge bath outside of the hospital. I wasn't too fond of it, but my big brother got in right after me and he loved it! I've been very happy with bath time since I lost my umbilical cord. I coo in the tub! :-)

Just before bedtime, Mom laid Austin and me side by side to see if I was really that small. It's not as apparent in this close up, but if you were see the full length of both of us side by side... Well, then you would know why he's called my BIG brother. :-D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

-About Me-

January 28, 2008
And like Bang! I'm born... (Out in three pushes) 19 inches long, 8 pounds even. Mom was in labor (water breaking til birth) for just over five hours. Unfortunately for her, the first epidural she was given didn't work, and the second didn't kick in until just before she started pushing. (Ouch!) Other than that there were no complications!!!

It was a day to remember! :-D Taking pictures was my God-mother/Great-aunt Mary. She was there in the delivery room for mom and me.

<---- I didn't open my eyes much at the hospital. Besides the fact that I had just been born, I couldn't stand bright lights! I screamed very loudly anytime someone turned one on or brought me into a well lit room. However, mom got this picture by having me outside of a room with a light on. :-)

Tiny Feet! My big brother Austin welcomed me to the world with some petting and tattling. The first thing he said when he saw me was "She kick me in the face!" He must have a great memory because I hadn't kicked him for a week or so, and when I did I was in mom's stomach... and when I was in there he tried kicking me back! Welcome to the world and welcome to sibling rivalry I guess. ;-)

Nayeli Elizabeth is the name I was given; in case you couldn't tell from my blog title, or the fact that you probably know that already if you're looking at this site. ;-) Nayeli is a Native American name/word, from the Zapotec tribe. (They're from Mexico.) It means "I love you." My middle name means "God's vow" or "God's promise." My parents, both being from the mid west, figured with a first name like Nayeli (pronounced Nah-yell-ee) it would be more suitable for me to have a common middle name. :-) Dad calls me Naya, my brother, Austin, calls me En-ellie, mom calls me princess, pretty and Naya Beth, and my grandma J. calls me Nellie. Someday I might figure out what my actual name is! ;-)

I am just over a month old right now, and my mom is a picture-holic, and whenever she finds time, between giving my brother and I all the attention we need, to update this with stories and pictures, she is going to!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Austin the Smart

Austin was So interested in reading today. We must have read books for two hours straight... My throat still hurts! I am so glad he is showing interest though. He recognizes many words and has started making his own rhymes! I can't believe all the things he can do. I think he's so smart!

The other day I needed to use the restroom and the baby started crying. Austin pet her head and told her it was okay, then he found her pacifier and gave it to her and she stopped crying! He's such a great help.
Today he helped make mac and cheese for dinner. He loves cooking. We danced around the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. It was such a good time! :-)

We visited my moms church on Sunday and Austin went into the nursery. I had three people tell me how good he was for the woman in charge. They couldn't believe how warm and friendly he was. I was very proud of him. :-D

Austin is having a lot of fun getting to know his Wisconsin family better. He can distinguish between his many sets of grandparents and great grandparents. (He also knows who grandpa and grandma Green are, since their last visit.)

It's difficult to be so far away from California. Austin and I both miss the weather, the swimming and of course our family and friends. We can't wait to come out for a visit some time! :-) Until then we keep getting a little more used to cold and snow every day... It's really not that bad! :-)
the Fam.

Austin with a snowman we built.

Austin and his uncle Tim. (Visiting from Colorado)

Austin and his uncle Isaiah.