Sunday, November 30, 2008

~The Second Half of November~

It's been somewhat of a hectic second half of the month, but there have been a lot of good times. First there was five days of celebrating Austin's birthday, then Thanksgiving and me meeting Jeremy's parents for the first time.

For Austin's birthday we went out to eat a few times, watched him open lots of presents, swam, went to Kansas City to go to the T-Rex Cafe and see Madagascar 2. We also ate cake and just hung out and tried to teach him that he's four now, instead of three.

Thanksgiving was fine. The night before Jeremy, the kids and I met his parents at IHOP. We had a late dinner and then without his parents we went to Walmart to pick up some more food for the next day. I worked Thanksgiving morning. The store was pretty dead, and yet the time went fast. We had pasta and meatballs, a traditional Italian Thanksgiving dinner. Jeremy and his parents made all the food. It was pretty good, and both the kids loved it.

Jeremy's parents seemed to like the kids. It was wonderful having some new faces around for them to interact with. :-) Hopefully we'll get to see them again around Christmas time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



It's my baby's birthday and I'm so glad I've got him. He's an amazing little person and lights up my life, and the lives of so many others. :-)

He got to have a pretty busy birthday weekend and I think he's about all birthday-ed out. ;-)
I could have bought a used car with how much money people spent on him this birthday. Next year I think I might have to give people maximum limits. I am grateful though to have people who care and thank you to all the family members who sent things and gave Austin some special b-day fun.
Here are a couple of pictures on Austin's special day!

The fun starts opening a birthday card full of stickers from Grandma and Grandpa Cookie!

Already wore out, the day before his birthday he napped on the way to fun in Kansas City.

We parked at Dorothy #4 for Austin's 4th birthday. :-D
Lucky me, he's been really into The Wizard of Oz for the past two weeks, so we was up in arms when we marched down the yellow brick road.

We took him to the T-Rex Cafe which had life-size anamatronic dinosoars, amongst other things. He really wasn't too sure about it, but when Jeremy and I showed him a fish tank with "Dory" fish he cracked a smile. The night only got better!

A birthday sundae for the birthday boy!

In the movie theater before seeing Madagascar 2.

Austin's beautiful eyes while playing with a balloon meant for him on his birthday.
(It really is his b-day in this pic.)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Li'l News on the Li'l One

Nayeli is still working on her teeth. She's actually been a bit miserable for the past week. It seems that on top of the three that are still growing taller, she has at least one more trying to break through, maybe two. All of her teeth are on the bottom so far and she's got an adorable toothy smile now.

She is soooo cute when she sings. She'll sing Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey... she's not quite to goodbye, and the heys are a little rough, but she copys the na na na's perfectly. We're working on fa la la la la, la la la la and do a ditty ditty dum ditty do. Austin's good at the last one.

As peanuty as she is clothes that are for babys to 12 months are fitting her alright. She'll be 10 months in about a week. :-)

She and Austin play together very well and she gets closer to standing on her own every day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A lovely l-l-lazy day!

Today has been very relaxing so far. That is, post work for me. I came home and got to lay down and take a nap for two hours. Then I got up with the kids, made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and ate. We all, Jeremy included, cuddled and the couch and listened to music and sang and tickled each other. Austin colored two very wonderful pictures, and built with blocks. (Jeremy tried to build too but Austin knew how he wanted to do it himself. Since Jeremy left for work, almost an hour ago, Nayeli finished her nap, Austin tapped a balloon around the apartment and I got to go online. Now it's time for some more quality time with the kiddos. :-D What a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Early Autumn Afternoon

Today after work I had a dentist appointment to make sure my dry socket is doing what it's suppose to be doing. It is, so that was good news. When I got home I woke the kids up and we grabbed a couple things to snack on and headed out the door for a walk. We took the path we take to get to the park that's further away, but we found a picnic table nestled in some trees and ate our snack there. Then we back tracked to the park that's right out back.

Nayeli really enjoyed the swing today and was full of giggles. I found that if I just gave her a couple of good pushes I could run and go down the slide, or across the bridge with Austin and then just go back and push Nayeli again. I had a lot of fun with the kids. I hope that had as much fun with me!

I found some branch/twig type things that look a little like bamboo shoots and I'm hoping Jeremy will give me the okay to frame the mirror in our bedroom with them. I'm really excited if he agrees that it's okay.

I'm so glad we had a warmer day today. It's been really cloudy and cold the past few days and I think we all needed the fresh air we got. I went a little picture happy on our outing and I thought I'd share a few. Enjoy!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Swell Day

Today was great! I ran to the dentist before work because I was pretty sure my pulled tooth was now a dry socket, and it is, but I have opted to let nature take it's course and just heal on my own. If it becomes too painful I have the option of having it compacted with medicine and trying to get a new blood clot to form.

Work went well. It was slower than normal today, but my co-workers were talkative, and I was not, so for a little bit of a change I listened more than I talked! I had pleasant customers and work was just overall nice.

When I got home Jeremy made some hamburgers and I got to read for a little bit, then I gave both the kids showers and played blocks with Austin. We also played "hit the balloon" for the fifth day in a row. I'm glad to announce Austin no longer has a fear of balloons. He laughs when they pop and actually trys to pop them himself. :-P

Tomorrow is another long day at work, but if it was as pleasant as today I don't mind a bit! I'm sad to say it's just after nine and I'm about ready for bed. I'll probably be up another three hours though. Hopefully it's three hours of learning/relaxing/holding my munchkins! :-D

Friday, November 7, 2008

So Long Tooth! (And other toothy business.)

An odd thing to blog about perhaps, but... I lost a tooth today. I didn't really have the best dental care during either of my pregnancies and my teeth suffered dearly because of it. I lost my second tooth to abcess today. :-S

It's been a few weeks now since the pain became unbarable. I've missed two days of work and cryed and shook with pain, I've also been to the ER once. Finally I managed to snag an appointment and the judgement was quick and painful. Tooth out, now... Well, technically, tooth out six hours ago, but you get the picture. :-P

It was worth it, I can tell you already. Honestly if I could afford dentures I'd probably go that route because I personally believe oral pain is MUCH worse than labor... possibly more painful than pregnancy. (Labor was the easy part of pregnancy for me, even with the epidural not working til I had to push with Nayeli.) I'm praying for no dry sockets and I've got a full exam scheduled for March.

Austin has a dental visit coming up on November 17th. Fun stuff! Hopefully he'll learn something new, or at least have new motivation to brush every morning and every night. :-D Speaking of teeth, Nayeli is doing very well with her three on the bottom. She loves nawing away at apples and crackers. She pretty much likes eating everything I give her to eat... Plus some things I don't give her to eat! :-S

I can't wait til I can chew again... I'm hungry! :-P Guess I'm having soup for a few days. ;-)

Some Pictures of toothy and toothless smiles on election day.

^We haven't quite finished unpacking all the boxes from our move yet.^

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and Stuff

Halloween was nice. Jeremy had work, but we got a picture before he went off to do his thing and the kids and I went off to do our thing. :-) I had planned on us going out for about two hours, and we ended up out for three. We went to the neighborhood near the park that is ten minutes walking distance from where we live. There weren't too many kids out at first but Austin was excited and so adorable. He was a pirate and I gave him an earring to wear hooked over his ear. He hated it at first but everyone complimented him on it, now he's still trying to get me to let him wear it. :-P

Nayeli was an angel, not costume-wise, but her demeanor. She was a pumpkin for trick-or-treating. She sat sweetly in her stroller and only fussed when we were about 30 seconds from walking in the door. We didn't get a lot of candy, but that wasn't the point. We met neighbors and made a couple of friends, and even bumped into a couple and their son who we had met at church. I'm so glad it went as nicely as it did. :-D

November 1st/October "32nd" was Jeremy's and my 6 monthiversary. He gave me this gorgeous sapphire necklace. It is sooo breathtaking! He is such a sweet and thoughtful person. He also did all the dishes! I was ecstatic about that!!

On August 21st for my "half birthday" he gave me sapphire earrings that I adore as well. :-) They are pictured below.

Not too much other news going on... We're both working hard, at work and with the kids at home. It would be nice to have some more time for us, but we understand that it can be a difficult thing to find with two little kiddos around. We love them though and they make life fun and interesting. We're still hoping to find a babysitter and get some time out as soon as we can though. :-P

Oh... We've started birthday shopping, and I guess Christmas shopping for Austin. We also have some ideas on what to get Nayeli. We're excited for both and hoping to be able to get them everything we want to. Gift cards that certain family members are sending are REALLY going to help out. Two big things we want to get for Austin are a bed that has shelves on the headboard and drawers underneath and a bicycle with training wheels that can be taken off. We're looking to get Nayeli something that has to do with music since she loves hearing music and singing along herself. :-)

Also, we're expecting some visitors near Austin's birthday. His uncle Derek will be one of them. We haven't seen Derek in a little over a year, so that should be a nice little thing for everyone.

Now that I think about it I'm sure there's more, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. I'll write again when more comes to me! :-D

**I remembered!! Around Thanksgiving we may be going down to southern Kansas to visit Jeremy's parents or they may be coming up here. This will be my first time meeting them and I'm very excited. From what Jeremy says I think we may all get along very well. I can't wait! :-)