Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Love Animals!!!

Mom and I are visiting Wisconsin, and there is a nice park in mom's hometown. At the park there is a petting zoo and it has goats, burros, llamas, cows, sheep and ponies. I liked the cows the best. This is a picture of me hugging them. :-)
Last weekend mommy took me camping with my grandpa and uncle Isaiah and my grandpa's girlfriend and her son and her nephew. There was a feeding time for the goats and I got right in the action!
This is me with grandpa and his girlfriend Lori. I was very hyper when we were camping. In the picture I am eating a granola bar.
Here I am exploring. I loved all the things I could climb on and get into while we were camping. I didn't like that I couldn't go in the road, but I guess mommy wants me to be around for a while.
This is just me feeding the goats again. For a little while there were a few other kids there, they lost interest before me and left though, so then I had the goats all to myself. :-)
So far Wisconsin has been fun. I might not be sleeping enough but I am definately getting my fair share of outside time. Tomorrow I get to go with my grandma to a pool that has slides. :-) I'll post again when I have more pictures and more stories to tell.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Day at the Lake

Well, the pictures are slightly out of order but here they are...
Austin crashed w/ his friend Amanda after a long day in the sun and water.
Just before he fell asleep and just after he got out of the water and dried off he chatted w/ his buddy Carlos. :-D
When we first got to the lake Austin was captivated by the sounds and sights.
Here he is becoming a sand monster with his friend April. Mommy put on the first bit of sand, and then he got into it.
After we got home from the picnic Austin took a good nap and then we were off to another gathering. There he got to play w/ a ten month old named Kayden. She lives in the same complex as us and is a Very friendly baby. :-D

We are leaving for Wisconsin early Tuesday morning and won't be in California again until July 18th. Sam left Friday morning and will be gone for two months but he still has the ability to communicate by e-mail and once in a while phone.

We'll update from Wisconsin when we get the chance!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Go, go, go!

This is Austin and Sam at the barbeque we went to up north. My sister-in-law took the picture. :-)

Anyway, things have been a little crazy lately. Austin is constantly busy. He loves attention and he loves discovering new things. One of his favorite things to do is open and close the screen door. Sometimes to open it he runs at it from across the room and knocks it off the track. I don't really like when he uses that method.

Another thing that he seems to get some enjoyment out of is finding fruit or vegatables and repeating the word ball. If he decides to pick up the apple, orange, potato, or onion he goes on to whip it across the room and clap as it lands on the floor. He has also started saying "throw it" when he performs an act such as this. It's very adorable.

To get a break from the T.V. and to keep myself a little occupied while cleaning I turned on my "Joseph and the Amazing Techni-colored Dream Coat" soundtrack and was singing along with it. Austin chimed in at the "Go, go Joe" part but instead of "Go, go Joe!" Ausitn yelled, "Go, go, go!" It was one of the cutest things I think I've ever witnessed.

He has got me quite tired out though and I don't really know how I'm going to survive in airports and on a plane with him. Pray for us. :-D

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

My Weekend Away

This past weekend I spent a lot of time at my grandma and grandpa Green's house. I got to play with my cousins Ellie and Rebecca a bunch. Ellie and I had a good time because we're both a little bigger. This is a picture of Rebecca and me though...

On Saturday I went to a barbeque/carnival. I ran around a lot and made some new friends. Daddy had me have a contest with one of his friends baby's to see who could hold on to the monkey bars the longest. I weigh more than that boy did so it wasn't quite fair, but I'll get him next time. :-P

The weekend tired me out and I slept for a long time on the way home. Because of the barbeque and the fact that our trip had to be rescheduled a few times before we actually got up to NorCal I didn't get to see a lot of my great aunts and uncles, and I didn't get to see nonnie and pop either. Hopefully next time we visit I will get to see everyone and maybe I'll even get a chance to swim in the river... I've only ever been in a pool.

Daddy's about to leave for Hawaii in less than two weeks and a few days later I'm going to Wisconsin. I'll have to adjust a lot. I'm a tough guy though and I'm going to like the all the attention I get in Wisconsin. :-D

I'll have mom post more when there is more. Today we might try to go swim in the pool with my new floaties... and dad's on duty so we're going to have dinner at Katie's house and I always love to see her! I miss everyone! Thanks grandma and grandpa Green for playing with me this weekend... and thank you also uncle Derrek... I had a lot of fun with you too!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Just Chillin'

This week mom and dad bought me a few things and I'm enjoying them very much. I got this cool chair you see in the picture and I love it because it's just my size. I also got a couple of new sippy cups. They're bigger than my old ones because I'm a big boy and I need to drink a lot.

I also got some floaties for in the pool. My took me out the other day and I really enjoyed it. When it was time to go in the house I didn't want to so I went back to the pool and tried to get in by myself. Mom was right next to me though, so when I crawled in where there were no stairs she was right there to help me crawl back out.

So finally this weekend I am going up north to see some of my family. Dad, mom and I are all leaving tonight. We're leaving at night so I don't have to deal w/ being uncomfortable because I will probably be sleeping most of the way. There is going to be a carnival where we are going and if there I rides slow enough for me I might get to go on some.

It's only 19 more days until I get to go with mommy to see some family in Wisconsin. When I am there I will get to swim in a lake for the first time and I will probably do a few other new things too.

That's all I've got for now. You can probably read how my weekend was in the next post. Love you all!