Saturday, May 16, 2009

Potato Madness!

**Overall it was a very creative and fun hour or so for Austin and me, and even Nayeli got to join in!**

Here's a little peek at our time together!

*A mommy potato had her little spud, it was in her tummy, and after she had it he became a super ghost. Austin flew super ghost back to mommy and then said, as mommy potato, "AHHH, my baby's a ghost... I don't like you as a ghost." Baby ghost said, "okay mommy, I'll just be your baby." Then he took off his costume and went back in mommy's arms.

*Austin made a mermaid and wanted glasses for her. After he found just the right pair he goes, "There, she's so beautiful."
*The pirates wanted to catch the mermaid, but she didn't want to be caught. Spiderman saved her, but she was still upset because he caught her. Then he let her go and the guitar guy came and sang her a song.

*Spiderman kept having to rescue everyone from the "bad pirates."

*The cowboy kept playing the Indiana Jones theme song and the guitar liked it and strummed his guitar along.
*Some lovely potato head ladies liked the music, but a police officer came and gave him a warning for disturbing the peace.

*The Easter Bunny got mad because a person had bunny slippers on and the Easter Bunny thought he should have the slippers. He started hopping on everybody. They called for help from Spiderman but Austin thought the person with the slippers should just switch shoes with Easter Bunny so he would be happy. It worked!

*Nayeli got to play with the princess potato head after she was rescued by spiderman. (the princess, not Nayeli... even though she's a princess too.)

*Austin and almost all of his potato heads!

Friday, May 15, 2009

He Hunts Bugs AND Snakes!

We've been having a lot of nice weather lately and are taking advantage of it. Austin is one of my designated hunters for finding things I can take pictures of with my new camera. He is wonderful at finding bugs and holding snakes. He's also very aware if there are any dogs or puppies around for me to snap pictures of.

I thought sharing some pictures of our hunting excursions might be appreciated!

5/14/09; Snake Hunting

Yesterday Jeremy and I packed up the kids, hopped on the interstate and drove 30 miles or so west. After making sure our socks were up high and our bug spray was on thick we ventured out into some wild nothingness. It was actually quite beautiful nothingness. Jeremy had gloves, a hammer and a hook thingy to hold any big poisonous snakes should we come upon them. I had my camera.

We found lots of little snakes! There were a couple of bigger Milk snakes... actually there were a lot of those, more than any other snake. We found two other types than that. Ring-neck and King diamondback? I don't know really. I'd have to have Jeremy tell me again and he's at work. The ring-neck was the only one that we found that doesn't bite, so Austin and I got to hold that one.

It was a lot of fun watching Jeremy turn over rocks. :-P We found some prarie skinks too. Those were sorta cool, accept they bite too. Ooh, we came upon a dead cow... That was sort of gross, but still a little cool. Austin was so tough. He walked a long way and it was exhausting. It was a very hilly area, and we had to be sooo careful of poison ivy.

We found bird eggs in two different spots. The first one was duck eggs. We know because when we got close the duck quacked really loud and flew away. There was a different nest on the ground with two eggs in it. Jeremy knows what kind of bird it was, but I didn't hear when he told me. The eggs that I posted a picture of are the duck eggs.

I got a tick on me, for the first time that I know of. I found it when I was getting ready to clean up after we got home. It was so gross. Jeremy plucked it off me with a tweezers and flushed it down the toilet. Then we checked the kids over. They were tick free. :-)

It was quite the adventure and I can't wait to do it again! (I'm pretty sure Austin can't either.) :-D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pentax K10D

"The World to See"

My new camera has me a little overwhelmed at the moment. There are so many things to learn about it, and it's not like I have a mentor. I am more of the type of person to experiment and figure things out on my own than reading about or learning from other people, but I think I may need some help with this. The picture above is my daughter's eye. The original is cool, but then I got to playing with it with the editing program that comes standard on my computer. I just played with a few of the settings and what you see is what I was most pleased with. :-)