Saturday, February 28, 2009

In a Living Room Far, Far Away...

Jeremy playing Star Wars on his X-box and Austin warding off the evil empire with his very own light saber.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waiting for Spring

Not too much going on that I haven't written about in the kids individual blogs. For a couple weeks Jeremy and I were pretty busy with work and his schooling, and then it sorta died down. Neither of us is getting very many hours right now, we barely make 40/week as a couple. We're both looking for second jobs, trying to figure out how we can work around each other's schedules.

The nice thing about fewer hours is that there is more family time. This morning the kids and I went on a little hike. It was beautiful out. Not too cold, but enough so there was a bit of sparkly frost on the ground. I took some pictures with my phone, but have to go to Walmart to get them off. :-S We played some soccer and rolled the ball back and forth for a while. Then we explored some uncharted territory in our backyard and started to walk around the soccer field that's next to our backyard. That started to be a lonnnng walk so we decided to cut through it and head over to the park.

Austin played mostly on the merry-go-round and with the sand, building castles for us to live in. Nayeli sat and wobbled in her snowsuit and I mostly talked to my grammy, while occasionally letting Austin push me on the merry-go-round. Nayeli liked to see me spin and giggled while I did it. Nayeli started to get fussy cuz of the cold so we headed back home for a snack. It was an adventure!

My birthday is this Saturday, I'm gonna be 24! I'm just hoping for ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I work early that morning, but am free the rest of the day after that.

I'm really excited about a couple of trips I'll be taking with the kids this spring and summer. I will write more about those as and after they come. Hopefully I manage alright with two little ones. The only longer trip I've taken with the two of them was coming down to Kansas on the Amtrak... and Nayeli was a lot less wiggly then. More adventures I guess. ;-)

Monday, February 16, 2009


It started last night. I got out Nayeli's little push car so she could practice walking and of course Austin wanted to play with it. He took it from her and she followed him, walking. Guess she didn't need it for support. I tried it a bunch more times and would start out by giving it to her, letting her take a few steps with it, then she'd let go and I'd pull it in front of her and she followed me. It's amazing, just like that she's walkin' around!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What 2009 Has Brought For Austi

I am happy to say that after four years :-S of being in diapers, Austin is finally potty trained, wearing his undies to bed and all. We've been tracking his success with stickers on the calendar and he has had very few slip ups since we started. :-D

Our weather has been all over the place lately and the past few days it decided to be freezing. We haven't made it outside to play in a little while. Just before the cold came we were out back with Austin's light saber bubble wand. The wind did most of the work for us and Austin got to chase GIANT bubbles. :-D We had lots of fun with that.

I've noticed that Austin really likes to watch special features. I've always been more into the movies myself, but watching the special features on a dvd disc gives Austin the option to choose what he wants to see and push a button to get to it. (We use an x-box360 as our dvd player) In a way he thinks he's getting to play games. It's pretty cute. Well, the other day I mentioned to Jeremy how Austin really likes the special features and Austin chimed in and said, "I like special features. They show you EVERYthing!" I guess it wasn't just that he thinks he's playing games, he likes to know everything. ;-)

Other than all that there's the normal sibling rivalry. Whenever Nayeli gets something, even if Austin gets something the same but a different color, he wants what Nayeli has. :-S It drives me a little batty, but hopefully he'll grow out of it, or I'll just get smart and give them eachothers presents and let them trade. :-P