Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost ONE!

Nayeli is going to be one year old tomorrow! We don't have anything big planned. Just presents and cake. :) Nayeli has been talking a lot more lately. She says hi, hello, peek-a-boo, tickle-tickle, "autin," ma, dah, something that sounds like loveyoo, no, and probably a couple of other things too. She waves hello and goodbye, stands up by herself, she takes steps here and there, she can walk next to me when she holds my hand.

She loves playing with her big brother and recently she has become very interested in listening to stories and pretending to read herself. She still loves singing and music, so every time she hears a song she pretty much sings along. :) It's precious of course!

I'm excited to see if she'll blow out her candle by herself tomorrow. I'll have to post a couple of pictures of her eating cake and all that. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What We're Up To

Jeremy is back in school. He's taking a four credit Earth Science class. Our work schedules have changed slightly for the time being, but it's nothing we can't handle. :) The kids are doing well. Nayeli has been climbing the stairs lately. We're always close by to watch, so no big accidents yet... Hopefully there won't ever be!

I think we've gotten the last of our late Christmas presents. It was fun having Christmas stretch a month because of packages coming in at all different times. :) We all like what we got very much! :)

Austin is still very interested in his "Hooked On Spanish" DVD rom game and workbooks. He's only got one lesson to go until he's finished it, and he reviews the old lessons every day, so I think I need to get the next couple. He has picked up on his spanish colors wonderfully. Also, he can count to five in spanish with no troubles. We're working on five to ten in spanish and english. :-S Nayeli, the other day said "Uno!" and I said "dos," then, to my surprise, she said what sounded like "tres." I was impressed. I have no witnesses though, so I'm waiting for her to do it again. It also seems like she has started saying what sounds like "Autin," when looking at Austin, or pictures of Austin. She's not walking yet, but she stands a lot, and pushes around her little cart. She can aslo walk by my side if I'm holding her hand.

I put in a lot of hours, for me, at work this week. By the end of the week it will be just about 30 hours. I get to do a bunch of different things around the store though, so it doesn't get boring! :) I like that. I'm still keeping my eyes open for something with a little more pay, that I could possibly do full time.

We finally took down the Christmas tree, and other decorations. We still have the lights on the stairway up. I'm not sure when I'll take them down. They're so pretty and they make a great night light so I don't bump into things when I'm getting up for work early in the morning. ;-)

Last Thursday we met a nice little family at the park with a son who is just one month apart from Austin in age. His name is Kahlil and his mother and I exchanged phone numbers. It's gotten pretty cold here, just like pretty much everywhere else in the country, so we'll probably just get together at the playground in the mall. Austin loves having kids his own age to play with.

So, other plans for the year... In March grandpa and grandma Green are coming to visit. End of May/June I have plans to be in WI(and hopefully IL and OH as well.) And I hope some time I can go and see Jeremy's home town. :)

That's all for now! Hope everyone is keeping warm!! :-D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Year

We have had a busy 2009 so far. We've gotten out a lot this past week. Nowhere too special, but it's nice to get out of the house. We spent some more of our gift cards that we got for Christmas. Some of it was on food, but we got some fun things too. Jeremy got a new external hard drive, I picked up some make-up and some new body wash, and the kids got a set of new puzzels.

Jeremy and I made cheesecake yesterday. We are enjoying eating it. Jeremy is starting the last course for his degree tomorrow. It's an earth science class! I'm excited to read his book!

Tonight we all went to the mall so the kids could play on the little indoor playground and look at the fish. We also went to the pet store and checked out the rodents, fish, and birds.

Tomorrow morning Austin and I are going to church so he can play with kids and I can go to mother's group. Nayeli is going to stay cozy in her crib while Jeremy sleeps in the other room. :-)

It's a good year so far! :-P :-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Visit With Jeremy's Grandma

Jeremy's grandma came today! She was very sweet! We started the visit by eating at a pizza place called Cici's. It has a lot of different types of pizza like macaroni, alfredo, taco, hamburger, buffalo chicken, and apple pie. Those are just a few. Austin had the macaroni pizza today, Jeremy's grandma had the alfredo, Jeremy and I had spinach pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and a couple other ones too. It's a fun place to eat and very affordable!

After lunch we went to Rolling Hills Wildlife Museum. It was a fascinating place but Austin got scared when we first arrived. Most of the museum is mounted wildlife and big replicas. There are forest and animal noises all around and it's not the lightest place. I think all the still animals creeped the bug out because he clung to anyone who would hold him for a good 15 minutes. Nayeli was content as can be just listening to the nature. Jeremy seemed to be interested in the little fact plaques, I'm not sure what grandma liked and I enjoyed looking at everything. There were a couple of amazing waterfalls in the place and the detail in the displays was incredible!

One part Austin liked was the robots. The museum was sort of like going "around the world" in animals and cultures. There were native american robots, african robots, eskimo robots, wild west robots, asian robots, indian robots and egyptian robots. They looked just like people but a little more plastic. They're mouths moved and they talked to one another. That was another fascinating part.

Austin's very favorite part of the museum was the kids zone. There were computers with programs where you have to match an animal to all the parts that are it's own, and there were microscopes and lots of slides. There were drawers full of plant and insect life. There were two large areas for reading and playing with animal puppets, and there was a corner full of animal leggos. For a while some other kids came in and Austin was really enjoying himself!

After all that we said goodbye to grandma and came home and took a nap. I think we're still trying to recover from the lateness of new year's eve. :-S

"In Jesus name we play..."

Last night before I went to bed I told Austin not to forget to say his prayers. (Jeremy was staying up with him b/c I had to open the store this morning.) Austin said, "Let me say them for you!" Then he prayed a beautiful little prayer and ended it, "in Jesus name we play, amen!"

Oh my gosh! It was the sweetest little thing! And what a great phrase!! I think it would be an awesome prayer to start a play group or Sunday school hour for preschoolers. :-D Could you imagine how nice little kids would be if they all played in Jesus name?! :-D

But yeah, that's my boy!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Last night was lonnnng. :-S I had to open self scan at 6:30am yesterday and I had to open the store at 6:00am today, and along with bringing in the new year with the kids last night and them not wanting to sleep til the wee hours of this morning there are some tired people in our house!

This evening we went out to a sushi bar type place. It was awesome! The chef cooks right in front of you and throws food into your mouth. He was going around the table throwing shrimp into everyones mouth and was gonna do it to Austin and Austin sort of ducked and covered his face. It was very funny. Nayeli loved the miso soup and edamame. Austin was more fond of the rice and noodles. Jeremy and I had steak, teriake chicken, a california roll and a philadelphia roll.

Tomorrow Jeremy's grandma is coming to visit. I think we're going to check out the museum that's part of the zoo. I open the store at 6:00am again... fun stuff.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun new year's eve.

Happy 2009! :-D