Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things I Want to Tell About

It seems we are always busy! Between work and play it's hard to find time to share all the fun stuff we do. The following is a list of things I want to talk more about and share some pictures of. Most of you were included in at least one of these things, but it's still fun to see and think about again!

Pix of Cali Trip(March)
Isis Shrine Circus(April)
Fishing and Fairies Event @ Sears(May)
Playing Outside(May)
Fun Pix taken with my Pentax(May)
Fossil Hunting at Tuttle Creek(May)
Water Balloon Fight(May)
Fun Fairy/Children of Nature Pix(May)
(taken in backyard)
-Riding the Rails
-Walleye Weekend
-Fun at Gramma Js
-Grandpa&Grandma Puetz' Home
-The Water Park
-Breakfast on the Farm
-Family Picnic with the Kochs

As you can see we've been enjoying summer to the fullest. We've got our fishing stuff ready to go to the river and maybe a lake, 4th of July is coming up quick, and there are a couple of fun events around town through the Public Library, the Smokey Hill Museum and the county that we are so excited to go to!