Friday, May 26, 2006

A Year and a Half

My baby is a year and a half today! He's so cute and sweet. Anyway, he had a check up yesterday to make sure where he cut his lip/face open is okay... and it is! We're happy about that. Not too much has happened since the boo boo. He keeps talking more and more all the time and is a very silly little person. :-) He's sleeping right now since it's just about mid-night. Soon I'm going to look up the number to voice post on here, then you can actually hear some of his babbling. :-D

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh my...

Hello family and friends! Sorry we haven't been updating as often lately... It's been sort of hectic around the Green home lately. Sam's been doing a lot of work and he'll probably be promoted to second class soon because of it, I've gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and finished my spring semester of college, and Austin... Well Austin has just kept being his precious self. :-)

Yesterday he was playing and he tripped into a bookshelf and cut his bottom lip and the skin below his bottom lip open. He went to the emergency room and got two stitches. He gets Advil and a popsicle every six hours to help him cope with the pain and he is his usual chipper self.
We still haven't managed to make it up north to visit our family. Work and teeth problems prevented us from that... Now we are planning a third trip that will hopefully take place and it is for the first weekend of June. We are all looking forward to it very much.
Recently Austin began using eating utinsils with his meals. He is doing a spectacular job and is well on his way to being a "big boy."
The little tough guy isn't really nursing anymore and sits at the table to eat. He loves french fries, potato salad, juice, cheese and pizza.
He still says new things everyday. I couldn't possibly keep track of it all on a blog anymore. He's very cheery and hyper and loves to mimic and tickle.

He has a doctor's appointment next Wednesday to get his stitches out, and he needs to get his 15 and 18 month booster shots.

:-S Poor little dude can hardly catch a break. He's a great kid though. :-)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some Pictures. (To see larger pics just click on them)

Ha! I've got mom's comb... She still can't find where I hid it. :-)
This is my new friend Zeth. He just turned one a couple of weeks ago.
Dad is teaching me how to play video games at a young age. :-P
Zeth and I are wrestling.

Busy Week

This week has been full of things to do. Mom and I have been walking every day and we have some new friends at the apartment complex that come over for play dates. Yesterday we went to the park with our new friends and some of our old friends. It was like mommies and babies on parade. I went down the slide by myself and loved it!

Today I got to visit Katie's house while mommy went to the dentist. Katie took me for a walk to McDonalds. I fell asleep on the way home and when I woke up mommy was there. I got to play with Katie's doggies and her son Carlos. Carlos is four and likes to play with me a lot.

Tomorrow we are leaving for northern California. We'll probably have another busy weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all my grandma's/great grandma's. And to all the other mothers who read this. :-)

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Walking and Talking

Yesterday and today mommy and I went for a little longer walks than usual. I got sunkissed yesterday... It was cloudy when we went out, but the clouds went away and even though mom had the top of the stroller out to shade me the sun still got me a little.

Today on our walk there were some dogs barking and I said "quiet!" I also have recently learned some words in sign language. I can say "eat" and "more." I understand "all gone/finished." Mommy just started teaching that to me three days ago and I am catching on fast.

Next weekend I get to go up to northern California and visit my grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins. Mom and dad are hoping that I take a long nap on the way there, or at least that I'm content to sit in a car seat for eight hours or more.

The picture posted with this entry of me is from about a week ago. I love throwing my ball and playing catch. I can also kick. Dad and mom like to play ball with me.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Words, words, words...

Today was good... I went for a walk with mom and Ali and Michael, ate lunch, took a long nap and then played outside again for a little while. It was a little chilly out, but it didn't bother me. Mom kept wanting to go inside but I wanted to explore... I walked around the grounds of the apartment again and was asking what everything was. I know what trees are and make sure to point and say "tee" everytime I see one.

Today I pointed to some bushes and said "bushes." And mommy showed me some pretty flowers and I said "pitty." I said, "pitty," a few more times for practice while we looked at some different flowers and when mommy showed me a pink wand after we went inside.

Mom and I played with some of my toys while daddy took a nap. I like making banging sounds with anything I can. We all just finished watching "Hoodwinked," and now I have to go to bed. Other than saying "bushes" and "tree," I can also say "belly button," it sounds like "bay button," and this weekend I learned how to say "butt." The new words are coming along well.

Oh yeah, this morning when mom came and got me out of my crib she asked me what I wanted and I said, "cheese." and then she said, "okay, I'll get you cheese," and then I said, "juice." We also had some cereal after the cheese stick and juice. It's nice to have people be able to understand what I want. :-D

Monday, May 1, 2006

My Weekend

This picture was taken on Friday when Michael came to my house. We're sharing my drum. We got to play again last night at his house and then he shared his toys with me. He's got neat toys that are unfamiliar to me so I had extra fun playing with those. At his house we went in a hot tub and I liked that a lot. He was very splashy, and after awhile I got splashy too. I'm excited for when it's warmer out so mom and I can swim in the pool at our apartment complex.

On Saturday dad and mom had a barbecue. I liked it because I got to eat hotdogs and play outside. While I was wondering around I ventured into the laundry room following a couple and their baby. Mom and I met them and they are sort of new at the complex and the same ages as daddy and mommy. Their little girl is eight and a half months. I got to play with her for a little while because it was her outside time too.

I said two/three more words this weekend... "cheese," "cracker," and "cookie." Three of my favorate things! ;-)