Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh my...

Hello family and friends! Sorry we haven't been updating as often lately... It's been sort of hectic around the Green home lately. Sam's been doing a lot of work and he'll probably be promoted to second class soon because of it, I've gotten my wisdom teeth pulled and finished my spring semester of college, and Austin... Well Austin has just kept being his precious self. :-)

Yesterday he was playing and he tripped into a bookshelf and cut his bottom lip and the skin below his bottom lip open. He went to the emergency room and got two stitches. He gets Advil and a popsicle every six hours to help him cope with the pain and he is his usual chipper self.
We still haven't managed to make it up north to visit our family. Work and teeth problems prevented us from that... Now we are planning a third trip that will hopefully take place and it is for the first weekend of June. We are all looking forward to it very much.
Recently Austin began using eating utinsils with his meals. He is doing a spectacular job and is well on his way to being a "big boy."
The little tough guy isn't really nursing anymore and sits at the table to eat. He loves french fries, potato salad, juice, cheese and pizza.
He still says new things everyday. I couldn't possibly keep track of it all on a blog anymore. He's very cheery and hyper and loves to mimic and tickle.

He has a doctor's appointment next Wednesday to get his stitches out, and he needs to get his 15 and 18 month booster shots.

:-S Poor little dude can hardly catch a break. He's a great kid though. :-)

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