Sunday, April 13, 2008

*Same ol', Same ol'*

One Month
Sweet Dreamer

Sitting Pretty
(Two Months)
Nap Time
Comfy, Cozy

A Dancing Pose

She cracks herself up.
There's not much I can say about the little peanut right now. She smiles all the time. I think she recognizes the camera as her mother as she always has a confused look on her face when it's not in front of my face. :-P (j/k) She still loves baths, still hates having a dirty diaper. She coos and "hi" is one of the noises that comes out. She also has a sound that sounds very much like "yeah."

Sometimes she really, really fussy, but mostly she's just cute and cuddly!

Oh me, Oh my!

Austin has had a few new things going on in his life as of late. On Easter we visited the church next to where we live. The people were very friendly and there are a few boys right around Austin's age. He loves going to the nursery/Sunday school! I'm really glad he's finding a chance to socialize. Tomorrow he will be starting at a daycare. This is a first for him and I'm hoping he responds to the teacher and his classmates/playmates well. I will be an assistant teacher at the center... so if any problem arises I will be right there!

I wish I could show everyone what a good job Austin has been doing with his reading!!! (I may have to record us reading a book or two.) The list of words he recognizes is too long for me to even remember, but I can write a list of some of his favorite books to read from. They are the following:

Scary Larry (The very, very hairy tarantula)
Rapid Robert Roadrunner
Lactus Cactus
Teddy's Hide and Seek
I Love you Baby
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Alex the Alligator

I think there may be a few more I'm forgetting, but you have an idea. I know that he has a couple things out of these books simply memorized. However, when we read new books he recognizes, and reads many of the words he knows from the books listed.

Some other new things include picking out his outfit for the day, going down Really tall slides, and practicing riding his bike and skateboarding.

He really is incredible!