Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Schooling: Cooking 2/27/2010

We are working on getting into more of a set schedule at our house. This is particularly difficult for me, but it seems that it will be neccessary to raised disciplined children. :)

This week I made up a meal plan. I have made meal plans before but I haven't seemed to be able to stick to them in the past. I'm excited about this weeks! I was online looking for new things to try in my slow cooker and new things to give the kids, that the kids would be able to help cook and I found some neat ideas!

My favorite idea that is in the process of being made right now are mini-cheesecakes. Bubs helped out with this and we had a nice time. There are a number of new things I'm trying this week including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pulled Pork, Ham Rolls and PB&J Rolls. I found the recipes at and

I'm hoping the kids and I like them! I know we're having a fun time cooking tonight, and I look forward to pre-cooking a couple of the meals tomorrow as well!

Other than that Bubs wrote his name very well tonight and we are going to have a "Sunday School" Lesson a little bit later! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

i heart faces: "Hands-On Fun"

Yay!!  I think this is my first i heart faces entry for 2010!  This week "Hands-On Fun" theme seems like a good place to jump in.  Hands are one of my favorite things to photograph!  This picture is of my son Austin, his best friend and his best friends best friend.  Sidewalk chalk and bottled water made for some GrEEn hands on this hot summer day in Aug of '09. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm 25!

So J just asked me if it felt any different to be a quarter of a century old.  Nice, eh?  I never thought of it that way before. ;)

I realized shortly after my last blog that my daugther's b-day wasn't for another three weeks.  I'm going to attribute that to running on low.  It's A LOT of work parenting three, working and going to school!  I don't know how my friends who went to universities with a baby did it?!  Although one is different than three.

I have been having a great time with life since I last blogged.  There have been three days warm enough to get outside and comfortably play!  And I get to bring Kheaven with too!!  The birds are starting to come back and Austin and Nayeli LOVE mimicking them!  I am enjoying teaching them different types of birds and their calls.  I may have to break out the Kansas Native Bird Book!

Austin is doing well in pre-school but I feel that he definitely learns more at home with me.  Nayeli is being two...  My grammy reminded me that two is still a baby and I admit it's hard to keep in mind with how independent she is.  I make a point to remind myself now though and sometimes it makes parenting her a little more easy.  Kheaven is doing GREAT!  He is a wonderful baby, and just a baby in general and that makes him fantastic. 

I have found myself working on organizing a bit more lately...  It's a process, but the more I do it the better I feel about it and the easier it's becoming!

I was curious...  to the blogging moms out there...  how do you do it?  Do you ever sleep?  I haven't been able to update for a while and I truly enjoy the blogging community and keeping my extended family and friends in the loop.  Where do you find time to blog?..  and keep up with other peoples blogs as well.  I think that part of the reason I have shyed away from blogger for a little while is that I am interested in sharing my life and I am interested in reading about everyone elses life, but if I really kept up with it all I wouldn't have my own life.  It was different when I was pregnant with Kheaven and right after I first had him when he was up all the time.  I had time then.  Now with the time I used to have for blogging I so enjoy sleeping. 

I suppose I'll leave you all with some pictures. :)
Have a great 21st day of Feb!

That's all... I need to save some for I heart faces contests now.

Sunday School on Saturday: Moses

Today we had "Sunday School." I hadn't really planned on it, but it worked out. Bubs is very eager for us to read our way through the Early Beginner's Bible and last night we read about baby Moses. I suggested that we watch a movie on Moses today. Beforehand Bub suggested we read more from the bible (so we can get to the end) so I read more about Moses. We watched the movie and before things would happen I would ask him what he thought was going to happen. He retained a lot of what we read. It was great! I also got to tie in the letter "M" since that is what Moses starts with! Bubs enjoyed the movie and afterward wanted to read a little more of the bible, so we read about manna from Heaven and the Ten Commandments. :) It was a good Sabbath. He wants to watch more bible movies tomorrow, so we may just end up making a weekend of it. ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Preschool at Home: 2/19/2010

Last night while winding down before bed Bubs asked me if we could have preschool at home again tomorrow. Of course with him asking and be excited for it, how could I refuse?

He is learning the letter "M" at the private pre-school he regularly attends. He seems to like this letter. He has been able to spell mom for over half a year, so I understand the love of the letter... He understands it! I looked up some lessons online and began to inform myself. I learned a couple of songs and printed off some letter pages and we had a nice time singing and saying "m" words and practicing writing the letter itself. He does a great job.

He also practiced writing his name. He's pretty good at all of the letters. "S" seems to give him some problems, in that, he always writes it backwards, but he's good at the rest of them.

He is a very good little artist and if he sees something he can almost always dupiclate it with pen/crayon/pencil/marker and paper. He gives a mama a lot to be proud of. :)

...In anticipation for tomorrow I have already printed off some worksheets having to do with the body. Bubs is fascinated by the skeletal system, so we will explore that a little, and maybe even en espanol. ;) I am also prepared for "Sunday School." Which we may actual do tomorrow since Saturday is the literal "Sabbath."

?En Espanol?

We like to encourage learning every chance we get in our home. Both Bear(my sig other) and myself took spanish in high school and college. Neither of us is fluent in the language, but we know enough to make spanish speaking friends and to get by as somewhat bilingual in our jobs. Naturally at home we speak "spanglish" on occasion. There are several bilingual books in our home thanks to my obsession with foreign languages and Cheerios. ;) Every night we read from either the bible or a bilingual book.

Bub has recently began to say things such as, that means,______... and en espanol,______. He is rarely correct but I am sooo excited that he is interested enough to ask and that he realizes there is more than one word for the things he uses and sees. His spanish speaking skills have improved in the past week since he has come to this realization and I am excited to continue to teach him more!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preschool At Home: 2/18/2010

Yesterday my son's preschool class had their second field trip to a dentist's office. Bubs has already been to the dentist for a check up and a previous field trip. It was the second nice day in a row that we've had in months. It was finally above freezing and if I sent him to preschool he would be stuck at a dentist office learning things he's been through before, OR, I could choose to keep him home and have an outside nature/sports day with him. Also, if he went to preschool he would come home eat, take a nap and completely miss the nice weather.

After some careful consideration I decided to keep him home. I called the teacher and let her know that Bub has been to the dentist before and I felt the day would be better spent letting out some energy in the great outdoors.

We put on some sweaters and gathered our outside toys and headed outside!

I noticed the kids, Bub and Boo(2), cawing at crows. I decided to give them some bird fun facts. We had actually started bird fun facts the previous day with info on woodpeckers. Fun facts include colors, bird calls, diet and size. After talking about the crow I asked Bub if he remembered what bird was hitting the tree with it's beak the day before and he retained everything I had taught him.

I'm very excited about this retention! That means he pays attention when I'm rattling off useless facts without knowing it. If he can remember those surely he can remember the things I actually try to teach him. :)

Same day we also talked about squirrels and sports. We had a lesson in gravity as well... like, if you throw something to knock a stick out of a tree, the stick and the thing can fall and land on you. Luckily I had a friend over to give that lesson. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home Schooling: Why?

I have been throwing the idea of homeschooling around for months, if not a year now and the more I think about it the more I want to do it. I know all the preconceptions, but I'm not like that. My kids and I are very social beings and while we may learn some things at home, we will be sure to get out and learn a lot other places as well. I don't see the point in having them in school from 8 to 3 only to have most of that time be spent in transition from one activity to another, not to mention the time that the teacher will spend disciplining. I went to a public school, and I don't think I turned out bad or anything, but I want more for my kids.

I want them to socialize through rec. department sports, martial arts, dance, music lessons, community theater, story time at the library, city choir and things of that matter. I would love to be in a school district that allows my child to participate in gym and music perhaps and definitely E.C. activiites. We will be a part of 4H or boy scouts and girl scouts. There is so much they can have fun with and learn from and I believe that homeschooling will give them the time they need to do those E.C. things without crowding their schedules.

My plan was to do a trial run of homeschooling this summer where I either revisited preschool lessons with my five year old or where I started kindergarten lessons to see how he and I deal with home schooling. No pressure. If it goes well I keep doing it, if it doesn't go well I enroll him in Kindergarten and he learned a little more than he may have otherwise. I've decided to start a little earlier though.