Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday School on Saturday: Moses

Today we had "Sunday School." I hadn't really planned on it, but it worked out. Bubs is very eager for us to read our way through the Early Beginner's Bible and last night we read about baby Moses. I suggested that we watch a movie on Moses today. Beforehand Bub suggested we read more from the bible (so we can get to the end) so I read more about Moses. We watched the movie and before things would happen I would ask him what he thought was going to happen. He retained a lot of what we read. It was great! I also got to tie in the letter "M" since that is what Moses starts with! Bubs enjoyed the movie and afterward wanted to read a little more of the bible, so we read about manna from Heaven and the Ten Commandments. :) It was a good Sabbath. He wants to watch more bible movies tomorrow, so we may just end up making a weekend of it. ;)

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