Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Schooling: Cooking 2/27/2010

We are working on getting into more of a set schedule at our house. This is particularly difficult for me, but it seems that it will be neccessary to raised disciplined children. :)

This week I made up a meal plan. I have made meal plans before but I haven't seemed to be able to stick to them in the past. I'm excited about this weeks! I was online looking for new things to try in my slow cooker and new things to give the kids, that the kids would be able to help cook and I found some neat ideas!

My favorite idea that is in the process of being made right now are mini-cheesecakes. Bubs helped out with this and we had a nice time. There are a number of new things I'm trying this week including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pulled Pork, Ham Rolls and PB&J Rolls. I found the recipes at and

I'm hoping the kids and I like them! I know we're having a fun time cooking tonight, and I look forward to pre-cooking a couple of the meals tomorrow as well!

Other than that Bubs wrote his name very well tonight and we are going to have a "Sunday School" Lesson a little bit later! :)

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