Friday, February 19, 2010

?En Espanol?

We like to encourage learning every chance we get in our home. Both Bear(my sig other) and myself took spanish in high school and college. Neither of us is fluent in the language, but we know enough to make spanish speaking friends and to get by as somewhat bilingual in our jobs. Naturally at home we speak "spanglish" on occasion. There are several bilingual books in our home thanks to my obsession with foreign languages and Cheerios. ;) Every night we read from either the bible or a bilingual book.

Bub has recently began to say things such as, that means,______... and en espanol,______. He is rarely correct but I am sooo excited that he is interested enough to ask and that he realizes there is more than one word for the things he uses and sees. His spanish speaking skills have improved in the past week since he has come to this realization and I am excited to continue to teach him more!

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