Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm 25!

So J just asked me if it felt any different to be a quarter of a century old.  Nice, eh?  I never thought of it that way before. ;)

I realized shortly after my last blog that my daugther's b-day wasn't for another three weeks.  I'm going to attribute that to running on low.  It's A LOT of work parenting three, working and going to school!  I don't know how my friends who went to universities with a baby did it?!  Although one is different than three.

I have been having a great time with life since I last blogged.  There have been three days warm enough to get outside and comfortably play!  And I get to bring Kheaven with too!!  The birds are starting to come back and Austin and Nayeli LOVE mimicking them!  I am enjoying teaching them different types of birds and their calls.  I may have to break out the Kansas Native Bird Book!

Austin is doing well in pre-school but I feel that he definitely learns more at home with me.  Nayeli is being two...  My grammy reminded me that two is still a baby and I admit it's hard to keep in mind with how independent she is.  I make a point to remind myself now though and sometimes it makes parenting her a little more easy.  Kheaven is doing GREAT!  He is a wonderful baby, and just a baby in general and that makes him fantastic. 

I have found myself working on organizing a bit more lately...  It's a process, but the more I do it the better I feel about it and the easier it's becoming!

I was curious...  to the blogging moms out there...  how do you do it?  Do you ever sleep?  I haven't been able to update for a while and I truly enjoy the blogging community and keeping my extended family and friends in the loop.  Where do you find time to blog?..  and keep up with other peoples blogs as well.  I think that part of the reason I have shyed away from blogger for a little while is that I am interested in sharing my life and I am interested in reading about everyone elses life, but if I really kept up with it all I wouldn't have my own life.  It was different when I was pregnant with Kheaven and right after I first had him when he was up all the time.  I had time then.  Now with the time I used to have for blogging I so enjoy sleeping. 

I suppose I'll leave you all with some pictures. :)
Have a great 21st day of Feb!

That's all... I need to save some for I heart faces contests now.


SunflowerMom said...

Happy birthday, Amy! I really like the shadow photo- very clever! And the kiddos are as cute as can be.

I haven't been too great at blogging since we became a family of five. The only quiet time I have during the day is when Ella naps & usually I catch up on other blogs instead.

We'll get our groove back one day!

He & Me + 3 said...

Your pictures are amazing. Happy Birthday! You are so young.

Liz said...

Your kids are adorable!! As for blogging, I definitely don't have the energy or time that I had before having Leo, but I usually try to blog after most are in bed or while they are having therapy. I'm also blessed to have my husband home during the day so I can take a breather once in a while. My biggest challenge is figuring out what to write. I'm a bit brain dead from fatigue so I'm worried I'm going to bore everyone out in blogland so lately I stick to lots of pictures.. :)

PS: Happy belated birthday!

Nicole.Ann said...

I have no idea how you mom's do all you do!!! I can't even barely keep my own life on track, and I don't have anyone to take care of!!

You are doing an amazing job Amy :-)