Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preschool At Home: 2/18/2010

Yesterday my son's preschool class had their second field trip to a dentist's office. Bubs has already been to the dentist for a check up and a previous field trip. It was the second nice day in a row that we've had in months. It was finally above freezing and if I sent him to preschool he would be stuck at a dentist office learning things he's been through before, OR, I could choose to keep him home and have an outside nature/sports day with him. Also, if he went to preschool he would come home eat, take a nap and completely miss the nice weather.

After some careful consideration I decided to keep him home. I called the teacher and let her know that Bub has been to the dentist before and I felt the day would be better spent letting out some energy in the great outdoors.

We put on some sweaters and gathered our outside toys and headed outside!

I noticed the kids, Bub and Boo(2), cawing at crows. I decided to give them some bird fun facts. We had actually started bird fun facts the previous day with info on woodpeckers. Fun facts include colors, bird calls, diet and size. After talking about the crow I asked Bub if he remembered what bird was hitting the tree with it's beak the day before and he retained everything I had taught him.

I'm very excited about this retention! That means he pays attention when I'm rattling off useless facts without knowing it. If he can remember those surely he can remember the things I actually try to teach him. :)

Same day we also talked about squirrels and sports. We had a lesson in gravity as well... like, if you throw something to knock a stick out of a tree, the stick and the thing can fall and land on you. Luckily I had a friend over to give that lesson. :)

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