Friday, February 19, 2010

Preschool at Home: 2/19/2010

Last night while winding down before bed Bubs asked me if we could have preschool at home again tomorrow. Of course with him asking and be excited for it, how could I refuse?

He is learning the letter "M" at the private pre-school he regularly attends. He seems to like this letter. He has been able to spell mom for over half a year, so I understand the love of the letter... He understands it! I looked up some lessons online and began to inform myself. I learned a couple of songs and printed off some letter pages and we had a nice time singing and saying "m" words and practicing writing the letter itself. He does a great job.

He also practiced writing his name. He's pretty good at all of the letters. "S" seems to give him some problems, in that, he always writes it backwards, but he's good at the rest of them.

He is a very good little artist and if he sees something he can almost always dupiclate it with pen/crayon/pencil/marker and paper. He gives a mama a lot to be proud of. :)

...In anticipation for tomorrow I have already printed off some worksheets having to do with the body. Bubs is fascinated by the skeletal system, so we will explore that a little, and maybe even en espanol. ;) I am also prepared for "Sunday School." Which we may actual do tomorrow since Saturday is the literal "Sabbath."

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