Monday, December 11, 2006

He's TWO!

<3 Bunny Love <3
Big Man
It's HIS party and he'll cry if he wants to!
He likes that everyone is singing to him.
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as much lately! Austin is two now and requires a different kind of attention now. He is very energetic and babbly. :-) He's second birthday went well and he got a lot of neat new things. Some of his favorites were his basketball hoop, a dancing, singing spiderman and his mr. pototato head.
He loves going outside and for walks and he doesn't like when either daddy or mommy leave the apartment. Another thing he likes to do is put on daddy's bike helmet and say, "bike, bike!" I think I should be worried for when he turns 16 and is wanting to drive daddy's bike, or get one of his own. :-S
Christmas is almost here and we've got some cute pictures to send along w/ everyone's christmas card. We are all planning on heading up north to see the Green and Zygutis families. :-)
This year autumn was a little more chilly than the past two years. Austin doesn't mind though, and I am a little happy to find that I have long sleeved shirts in my wardrobe again. We won't be visiting Wisconsin this winter, but we look forward to May when we can see everyone there again.
:-) That's all for now. Hopefully I can get back into posting pictures and maybe a funny story or two every couple of weeks. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season!