Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This year has been amazing and busy and I am so glad to have been actively involved in it.  ;-)
I would love to be updating more with this post, but I have to make dinner.
I do want to say, I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas.  We were very blessed with special gifts and kind company.  :)
I also wish to everyone closure of this year, and a nice new fresh 2012!
May you overcome struggles you weren't able to in 2011, and if you don't have any struggles, may you continue to receive wonderful blessings!<3

On the note of blessings...
Reece's Rainbow helps children find their forever families and last I checked there were five kids within $30 of the $600.  The goal is $1000 for each child on the Angel Tree within the next three days.  Donations are tax deductible, and with a donation of $35 or more you will receive an ornament with the picture of the child you donated to on it!

I miss all of you I haven't been able to keep up with, and very much hope to gain some time management skills in the future so I can be more active in the blogging community!

Bye for now!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The "Terrible" Almost Twos!

Dear Kheaven,
You're sleeping right now, but there are many reminders of some of the ways we spent our day today...

I finally picked up all the movies you took out of the new bins I put them in, so you couldn't get them.  It's extra helpful that you decided to take them all out of their individual cases as well.  Mommy likes sorting!  :)  I think you like sorting too.  I saw what you did with the shoes on the shoe shelf...  you sorted them into a big pile on the floor!

I think It's wonderful your climbing abilities are superb.  Who else do I have who would take all the pens out of the cup on my computer desk?  At least the computer keyboard isn't missing any keys at the moment.  I was afraid we'd never find "C" yesterday.

Oh dear son, bathing you is always a joy!  I love how you splash and giggle.  I find it fascinating that the shower is the only place you choose to go from the sitting position to a stand without using anything to pull yourself up.  This has been going on for at least a month now, so I'm getting used to it!  Today you had two baths, but I suppose with meals like manicotti and pancakes with syrup will do that to an almost two year old.  I thought your hair looked fabulous with that maple syrup gel you put in it!  You are quite the stylish stud!

I look forward to doing many of the same things tomorrow, and probably some new things too.  Every day is an adventure when YOU'RE almost two!

Your Tired Mommy

Kheaven has definitely been keeping me on my toes lately.  He is closely supervised during his many excursions, but through exploring we learn and as far as dumping things out go, I'm not too inconvenienced picking all his messes up.  ;-)  

Some of Kheav's favorite things to do, other than sort and organize, are singing songs with hand motions, reading books and pointing at the words and making a woof or growl sound for every animal he sees, pulling hair :(, and eating.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Single-Momming It: My Beautiful Detour

It's not constant, but I hear a lot of, "I don't know how you do it with THREE kids, all by YOURSELF!?"

I'm not by myself.
Yes, I'm a single mom.  My home consists of me, a six year old, a three and a half year old, an almost two year old, a crazy mouse who thinks it's his mission in life to escape from whatever enclosure I put him in, and possibly hundreds of tiny Sea Monkeys. 

I like my home. 
I love my kids.
As of right now I tolerate my pets.  :-P  :-)

I live states away from family and the friends I grew up with.  Sometimes I miss them dearly.  I hate that some of them feel pain because I'm further away than what makes them comfortable.  In other places I've lived, Virginia, California...  I've found pseudo families...  People have taken me (and Austin at the time) in and we were part of their family.  I miss them too, but they're even further away than my blood relatives.

I love my family.
I love my friends, the ones who are just like family, the ones who I grew up with, and the ones that are right in the town I live in now.

I don't have a lot of friends where I live now.  I don't think I need a lot though.  Since having more than one child it seems the new friends I make typically have children and husbands.  :-)  I love spending time with them while their hubbies are at work.  I love seeing their kids grow, through Facebook and in person.  I love that my kids are friends with their kids!

I have noticed/realized that my friends with kids who are married seem almost as "single" as me when it comes to raising our kids.  Not all of them, and yes, they get a few more "breaks" than I do...  but I get "breaks" with other things.  And it almost seems to me that in being single, I have more opportunities to interact with more people and my kids are exposed to more as well.  I know plenty of people who are with someone have/can make many opportunities to socialize and be around more people than those they live with.  Just as often I believe, though, that when you (or I, to be more specific) have someone I am perfectly content to live in a bubble with that someone.

...I went to see some family and friends in Wisconsin in the beginning of the month and on my way home there was a detour.  I was so nervous b/c I didn't have a map specific for the area, my phone wasn't in service, and it was just me and the kids!!  The detour signs were all for a highway that was parallel with the one I wanted to be on, but it wasn't the number for the one I wanted to be on.  SO, I wanted to be on 59, but 59 was closed where I needed to be on it, all the detour signs were for 45...  not for 59.  I wasn't positive where I was going to end up.  I knew I was really close to Kansas, I just wasn't sure when I was going to get their, or which way was going to lead me to where I wanted to go.  There were a lot of hills, and there were a lot of curves.  It was completely unfamiliar territory!!  I went really slow because when you can't see what's ahead of you, well, you don't know!!  I would go up hills and all I could see was the sky and the fields or trees beside me and I didn't know if the road dropped off over the hill, I didn't know if there was a curve right away, or a tractor or a huge truck coming from the other direction, or a deer...  There could have been anything! 

Eventually I found a town and in ten minutes I was over the Missouri River and in Kansas City, Kansas.  I couldn't believe all that excitement was so close to an area I know fairly well.  I got to thinking...  Everyone should be forced to take a detour to get to where they want to go!  Haha...  I have an adventurous spirit, what can I say.  :-)  Well, being the thinky person that I am, I applied my "detour quote" to real life. 

Being a "single" mom is a detour...  My kids, (don't judge me) have been detours...  My LIFE has pretty much, mostly been a detour...  and it has been BEAUTIFUL.  Sometimes I feel so lost, but I know where I want to be.  I DON'T know if I'm on the right road all the time.  I do know what direction I want to go, and I know, most of the time I'm pretty close.  :-)

Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011=Complete!

January seems to have whizzed right by!
I have found that updating my facebook informs more family members and friends than blogging does.  So, I have been doing that lately.

Some MAIN things...
-Cruising along/between furniture wonderfully.
-Can point to my eyes, nose, and mouth when asked.
-Continues to say/do new things everyday!!
(Yesterday he said, "I will," after his sister said it.)
-He has a neurology appointment in a little over a week.  Hopefully all is well!
Here's a pic of the handsome baby-man:
-Caught on to addition with no problem at all.
-Is working on word problems and doing great!
-Is doing MUCH better in phonics and sounding out words!
-Has been listening and helping out around the house wonderfully.  :)
**If you have kids and let them use the computer, 
visit this website for kids,!  It's awesome!!**
Austin dressed himself and posed himself for this picture.  
He then had me turn a copy of it sepia 
b/c he wanted to make it look like an "old picture."  
I love his creativity!
My amazing little princess turned three!!
It was a wonderful day.  Honestly it all seemed to go in slow motion, in a good way.  It was in the 70's and we all played outside and went for a walk.  Then we played at the park and headed to McDonalds where we had and shared cake with new friends!  After that we headed home and opened presents.  She is the BEST present opener EVER.  She gets excited about everything!  It's precious.  
The headbands in this pic of her were some of her presents...  She wanted them all on, cuz she's cool like that.  ;-)
Other than turning three Nayeli
-Is learning some Spanish.
-Super interested in reading, so we are constantly looking at books.
-Sometimes she makes up stories to get her brothers in trouble.  lol...
We're working on fixing that.
I'm glad she's creative in her own ways too though!
-She also sings all the time!

I have been doing pretty good at keeping up with most of my new goals.  As I mentioned, we had McDonalds for Nayeli's birthday, which isn't on my list of healthy things to eat...  McDonalds is a weakness when time is an issue or it's a busy day and we're out and about.  I'm sure eventually it will be eliminated almost completely though.
For my photography I have been taking at least one picture everyday.  It's a 365 Project and at the end of the year I will look back at all the photos I have and see my year.  Each day I try to take a picture that encompasses the theme/main thing in that day.  It doesn't happen that way everyday, but more than I thought it would.  :-)

Happy end of January/beginning of February!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tugging My Heart Strings

I keep hearing songs... love songs I suppose... and I can't help but feel they're for the babies without homes. A baby that's mine... who's waiting, or who hasn't even been born. I feel connected already and I can't wait until the day I bring him/her home. It's so strange. I have never felt so compelled about anything in my life!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi There 2011!

It doesn't really matter how one year ends and another begins, each has it ups and downs. Every day is a chance to make new choices, to take a step in becoming who we want to be, to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

The new year doesn't typically mean a lot to me. I try to take a day at a time. I do like to reflect a little more around the end of one year and the beginning of another... I also like to re-evaluate my goals and make adjustments if needed.

Don’t Buy “Stuff.”
The kids have enough toys. I have enough “things.” We ALL have enough clothes! There should be no reason, other than impulse to buy things. Yes, sometimes it feels good to make a purchase, but we just end up with more than we need and all that stuff is completely overwhelming!
Eat Fresh!
After watching Food Inc. I am completely motivated to eat better. I have been working on this, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like the cheapest choice to make, but after doing it for a few months I’ve found that it is cheaper than the way I was eating before, by about $150, at least. Before I started buying almost all of my food from the organic section at the store I was spending $500 a month on food. Now I’m down to $350. I am also working on eating what’s in season and when the Farmer’s Market opens back up I am hoping to become more acquainted with it!
Keep Up With Housework.
During this time apart from Austin I have had time and energy to catch up on some housework. I still have a little way to go, but by the time he is back I should have things how I have wanted them for a very long time. It is my goal to keep up with this throughout 2011 and beyond! I plan on being held accountable to this by posting pix either here or in a blog every week of my home. Even if that means I have to clean to take the pix... Then I HAVE to clean. ;-)

Along with what's listed I want to work on some different things with my photography... I want to read the Bible more, maybe get all the way through it finally... And I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting to mention, but they're on a piece of paper or in my head somewhere. :)

Here's wishing everyone a positive perspective on life, hope when all seems lost, strength at your weakest points, and the ability to recognize the moments that make it all worth it!


I was on RR tonight... I felt called to make a donation. There are so many things my own family needs right now. Tomorrow I am going out to use some gift cards I got for Christmas. There is a list of things we need/that would benefit us. I am going to make a donation based on what's left. I am going to pray about my purchases and see if I really need the things I am picking up, and if I can get other things that I do need with the gift cards... That way the money I would be using for what I really need can go to a child on RR.

I have been contemplating single adoption. I know that if I get myself more organized and figure out how to do paperwork... and get a vehicle, and a home... that I can do it. God will provide.♥