Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011=Complete!

January seems to have whizzed right by!
I have found that updating my facebook informs more family members and friends than blogging does.  So, I have been doing that lately.

Some MAIN things...
-Cruising along/between furniture wonderfully.
-Can point to my eyes, nose, and mouth when asked.
-Continues to say/do new things everyday!!
(Yesterday he said, "I will," after his sister said it.)
-He has a neurology appointment in a little over a week.  Hopefully all is well!
Here's a pic of the handsome baby-man:
-Caught on to addition with no problem at all.
-Is working on word problems and doing great!
-Is doing MUCH better in phonics and sounding out words!
-Has been listening and helping out around the house wonderfully.  :)
**If you have kids and let them use the computer, 
visit this website for kids,!  It's awesome!!**
Austin dressed himself and posed himself for this picture.  
He then had me turn a copy of it sepia 
b/c he wanted to make it look like an "old picture."  
I love his creativity!
My amazing little princess turned three!!
It was a wonderful day.  Honestly it all seemed to go in slow motion, in a good way.  It was in the 70's and we all played outside and went for a walk.  Then we played at the park and headed to McDonalds where we had and shared cake with new friends!  After that we headed home and opened presents.  She is the BEST present opener EVER.  She gets excited about everything!  It's precious.  
The headbands in this pic of her were some of her presents...  She wanted them all on, cuz she's cool like that.  ;-)
Other than turning three Nayeli
-Is learning some Spanish.
-Super interested in reading, so we are constantly looking at books.
-Sometimes she makes up stories to get her brothers in trouble.  lol...
We're working on fixing that.
I'm glad she's creative in her own ways too though!
-She also sings all the time!

I have been doing pretty good at keeping up with most of my new goals.  As I mentioned, we had McDonalds for Nayeli's birthday, which isn't on my list of healthy things to eat...  McDonalds is a weakness when time is an issue or it's a busy day and we're out and about.  I'm sure eventually it will be eliminated almost completely though.
For my photography I have been taking at least one picture everyday.  It's a 365 Project and at the end of the year I will look back at all the photos I have and see my year.  Each day I try to take a picture that encompasses the theme/main thing in that day.  It doesn't happen that way everyday, but more than I thought it would.  :-)

Happy end of January/beginning of February!


Nicole.Ann said...

Awww your kiddos are growing up SOO fast!! I'm so glad to hear all the milestones that Kheaven is making, that brings my heart such joy (and that pictures is just TOO damn adorable no matter how many times I see it)!! Austin is definitely taking after your creative side for him to know what an old pictures looks like, I can't wait to see what he does with it. Nayeli is already three?!?! Where has the time gone?! But really, she is such a beautiful little girl. And it made me laugh to hear about her getting her brothers in trouble!! You have three wonderful children Amy and such a positive and humble personality and approach to being a mother to them. It's inspiring Amy :-)

Good for you for doing the 365 project, I've wanted to do it but I'm too forgetful I think to stick with it! That has to be such an amazing thing though :-)

Cindy said...

Thanks for the update on your family. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Great photos! Love the one of Austin! And Nayeli's headbands, cute! Kheaven is such a doll! Love that smile!