Saturday, September 27, 2008

She Sits... and Stands!!

Nayeli Elizabeth is eight months old tomorrow. Her last doctor's appointment went well. She's finally gaining weight and growing like she's suppose to. :-) She got her six months vaccinations and is set until nine months now!

We went to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. The princess did wonderfully on the 12 hour drive. She got fussy maybe twice and her big brother helped cheer her up! I got to see how she reacts to people she doesn't know while we were around family. It was pitaful, she just got this nervous look and whimpered a little. She got used to most of them by the time we left though. :-)

She got to spend a lot of time with Gramma J and even picked up how to sit while we were back. So then, once we came back to Kansas she began sitting Very well, AND she has been trying to stand. She actually pulls herself up on furniture!! It's crazy. She couldn't even sit two weeks ago, and now she's standing. Oy!!

It seems like she might have a touch of seasonal allergies, but nowhere close to the extent that Austin and I have them, so I am grateful for that.

There still aren't any teeth showing, and she doesn't have any new words quite yet, but she babbles all the time and as precious as can be. :-D

He's a song bug and a music(al) man!

Austin really entertains me. As I mentioned in the previous post he has really taken more of an interest in music, this includes musicals. He loves watching the movie "Grease" (I skip the "naughty" parts.) and today I introduced him to "Annie," which he also loves. :-D I love seeing his interests develop!

Some more "manly" things Austin loves are sports. When we go outside he bikes, plays frisbee, basketball, baseball and hockey/golf. He's also very into bugs. No fear in that little man. :-) Today he was trying to pick up a daddy long leg spider. I had to do my best not to get up and run or tell him not to do it. :-P The other day there was a mosquito on him and I told him to kill it. He said, "No mommy, it's a nice mosquito." Then, I sadly told him that mosquitos are not nice, they bite and it hurts... and he said... "Nooo, they're nice." Hehehe. Awww, he's just too great!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Little Song Bug

:-) Austin has been really into music, for a while now, but he's been memorizing words and tunes a bit more lately. :-) It is SO adorable!! We watched "The School of Rock" the other day and all night he was singing the intro of an ACDC song. :-P He still loves dancing with the radio turned on too, or during the end credits of movies. :-)

Another goofy thing he does, at least I think it's a little goofy, is that he knows what previews come before what movies. It's insane!! I love how much he retains.

We've been a little more into Dr. Suess books lately, which is fun. Austin will always say "feet" when "feet" is on the page, and he's pretty good at reading his "Country Cats, City Cats" book.

That's all for now! (I'll try to get a video of some of the singing!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Girl!

Here's the little scooter princess, pretending like she wants to stand. She crawls very well, and sometimes looks like she wants to sit or stand. She can sit, if someone is sitting behind her, or she is propped up, nothing quite on her own yet. She's milking the being held thing, but who can blame her? :-P
She likes to terrorize her brother sometimes. She'll chase him and all his coloring supplies around the room. He'll say, "Mommy, save me, my sissy chasing me!" Hehehe. Yesterday she started to pull his hair when he was laying on the floor. Goofy kiddlings.
They love to play peek-a-boo together. They giggle so loud, it's the best sound ever!

Nayeli really does have plenty of clothes, but there were some on clearance at Old Navy and they were Soooo cute. With her impishness I figure they'll last her three to six months anyway.

She's 14 pounds now, we'll be seeing the doctor this coming Monday. :-)

Other than all that news there's not too much going on...

Oh, well, Nayeli has tried a few new foods. She eats crackers now, has tried oatmeal, spaghetti noodles and yeah... Those are the new things... Oh, and sweet potatoes. ;-)

We're still waiting on teeth. When I know, you'll know, ya know?! ;-)

3, 2, 1... Draw!

Today when I woke up I found little post it notes all over the apartment. I saw pictures on some of them and laughed.
I thought, "How cute! Jeremy tried to draw." I had noticed that, obviously, Austin had colored in a couple of the pictures. Jeremy got up and I held up one of the pictures... "Austin got a hold of the post it notes I see." He went on to tell me that Austin had the most fun throwing them all over the place the previous evening. "And you drew pictures too, huh?!" I said. "No, Austin drew those." I looked at him with disbelief. "Jeremy, seriously?" He assured me, "Austin drew those."

"Hmmm," I think to myself. The one above right now particularly sparked my interest. Austin was looking at a drawing book I have earlier yesterday, saying he wanted me to draw a guy and a fly. It looks like he got impatient and decided to draw it himself. I think for a little one, not even four, it's brillant! He's amazing... always amazing me! :-D