Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Girl!

Here's the little scooter princess, pretending like she wants to stand. She crawls very well, and sometimes looks like she wants to sit or stand. She can sit, if someone is sitting behind her, or she is propped up, nothing quite on her own yet. She's milking the being held thing, but who can blame her? :-P
She likes to terrorize her brother sometimes. She'll chase him and all his coloring supplies around the room. He'll say, "Mommy, save me, my sissy chasing me!" Hehehe. Yesterday she started to pull his hair when he was laying on the floor. Goofy kiddlings.
They love to play peek-a-boo together. They giggle so loud, it's the best sound ever!

Nayeli really does have plenty of clothes, but there were some on clearance at Old Navy and they were Soooo cute. With her impishness I figure they'll last her three to six months anyway.

She's 14 pounds now, we'll be seeing the doctor this coming Monday. :-)

Other than all that news there's not too much going on...

Oh, well, Nayeli has tried a few new foods. She eats crackers now, has tried oatmeal, spaghetti noodles and yeah... Those are the new things... Oh, and sweet potatoes. ;-)

We're still waiting on teeth. When I know, you'll know, ya know?! ;-)

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