Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Little Song Bug

:-) Austin has been really into music, for a while now, but he's been memorizing words and tunes a bit more lately. :-) It is SO adorable!! We watched "The School of Rock" the other day and all night he was singing the intro of an ACDC song. :-P He still loves dancing with the radio turned on too, or during the end credits of movies. :-)

Another goofy thing he does, at least I think it's a little goofy, is that he knows what previews come before what movies. It's insane!! I love how much he retains.

We've been a little more into Dr. Suess books lately, which is fun. Austin will always say "feet" when "feet" is on the page, and he's pretty good at reading his "Country Cats, City Cats" book.

That's all for now! (I'll try to get a video of some of the singing!)

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