Saturday, September 27, 2008

He's a song bug and a music(al) man!

Austin really entertains me. As I mentioned in the previous post he has really taken more of an interest in music, this includes musicals. He loves watching the movie "Grease" (I skip the "naughty" parts.) and today I introduced him to "Annie," which he also loves. :-D I love seeing his interests develop!

Some more "manly" things Austin loves are sports. When we go outside he bikes, plays frisbee, basketball, baseball and hockey/golf. He's also very into bugs. No fear in that little man. :-) Today he was trying to pick up a daddy long leg spider. I had to do my best not to get up and run or tell him not to do it. :-P The other day there was a mosquito on him and I told him to kill it. He said, "No mommy, it's a nice mosquito." Then, I sadly told him that mosquitos are not nice, they bite and it hurts... and he said... "Nooo, they're nice." Hehehe. Awww, he's just too great!

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