Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Would You Do?

Last night I watched ABC's "What Would You Do?" I cried for the entire segment having to do with the grocery store carry out, and I cried for part of the next segment having to do with gay couples.  I think the people who spoke up for those who faced intolerance should be commended.  I typically do not have/show strong opinions on things, for fear of being targeted myself.  I think that's why the majority of people don't stick up for other's who need it.  In the segment about homosexuals there was a man who stood up for them who said he was the child of two holocaust survivors and that people not sticking of for others is what led to the holocaust.  He was adamant about not being a part of something like that, and speaking up for issues when needed.  I agree with him.  Well, I, with my new found sense of advocacy, saw this update on my facebook today:

Fond du Lac thinks your special, riding the short bus wearing a helmet licking the windows kind of special... but special non the less

25 minutes ago ·  · 
Nicholas Waldschmidt
my mom said if i stops licking the windowz i can takes off mi helmut
21 minutes ago · Flag
Amy Rose Green
"Fond du Lac" should be more considerate about what they post. Generally a funny page, but this could be considered offensive. *Dislike* Fond du Lac. :(
15 minutes ago · 
Fond du Lac
I don't think I'll be more considerate of what I post. There is a disclaimer.
14 minutes ago · Flag
Fond du Lac
I take that back. My apologies to all the window licking kids who rode the short bus that are offended.
13 minutes ago · Flag
Can I still eat my crayons?????
11 minutes ago · Flag
Roy Houston
That seems pretty left handed too don't ya think?
9 minutes ago · Flag
Fond du Lac
Offensive and offensive. People with PICA may be offended by the crayon eating comment. Left handed people may be offended by that comment
8 minutes ago · Flag
Amy Rose Green
Just trying to have a voice for those without one. Am I going to see racial prejudices on here too? Or are you going to bash homosexuals? People with physical and intellectual disabilities are people too. You share your opinion, I was sharing mine too.
6 minutes ago · 
Fond du Lac
since when are people who lick windows classified with homosexuals?
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Fond du Lac
smile, laugh, it's a joke. It's not your page, and nobody's forcing you to be on it
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Amy Rose Green
I know that, I'd laugh, but it's not funny. I already stated generally I think you have a funny page, but I think this is rude. Homosexual's may be classified with people "who lick windows" in the sense that they are two groups that are discriminated against.

2 minutes ago · 
Amy Sherman
OMG People, have a friggin sense of humor already!!! Geez, no one is trying to be offensive, just funny, get off the soap box before someone knocks you off!!!!
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Amy Sherman
This is why I left Fondy 25 yrs ago and don't come back!!!!!!
about a minute ago · Flag
Amy Rose Green
I don't live there anymore, and sweety, I have a precious baby with Ds. He can't talk yet, so I talk for him.

If you read all that you see how I responded.  I had to leave the group after my last comment.  I was trying to find unlike after people were arguing that I was wrong, but I kept getting notifications and felt inclined to continue sticking up for my beliefs.  In 15 minutes I was ONE of over 1500 people who decided to take a stand, granted all of them were not online within those 15 minutes.  

I honestly don't believe it was a funny post...  I was hoping that the author of the page would rethink what he/she posted, but that came up a mute point.  

I hope I handled the situation well.  I hope that I can continue to be a voice for Kheaven, and others.  And I hope that some time my feelings, and the sharing of my feelings will cause people to reflect and maybe make a change for the better.

On a lighter note, not all of my blogs are going to be like this and the previous one.  These are just the issues that I have found I MAKE time to blog about.  

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Schooling: Music and Arts

All of the kids have been very interested in music the past few weeks. We are constantly singing around the house. Usually to the tune of Clementine or You are My Sunshine. The kids even learned our address and phone number that way. :) Today I got Classical Baby in the mail. It has Dance, Art and Music. I also have a children's art history book on the way. There were several I wanted to order, but I figured I would check out what looked to be the most interesting/informative/kid friendly first. Another musical thing we are interested in our home is Tuvian throat singing. It's fascinating. We are having fun making different sounds with our voices and various objects we have around. Ooh! Another thing that I recently got which is surprisingly educational is a Purr-pals Nintendo DS game. I got it for Boo since she doesn't have any DS games of her own. She is only two so play will be extremely limited. The game is all about grooming/loving/playing with kittens. There are mini-games that include playing music as notes go by, and memory games involving more music. I'm so excited about it. Bubs likes it a lot too already. Yay! This month we will be starting homeschooling for Kindergarten. I am very excited. I hope it goes as well as I think it will. :D