Sunday, August 31, 2008

Siete Meses (Seven Months)

I'm SEVEN months old now! This picture is me at an airshow. There was a lot going on, and I did really well for the most part, but there were a couple of loud planes. Mommy and her friends made sure to keep my ears covered though!

I started crawling recently and sometimes I look like I'm trying to go from crawling to sitting up, but I can't sit up on my own yet, so I might just go from crawling to tipping over. I just L♥Ve exploring and finding cords to try and teethe on. ;-)

I say mama, moo, noh, poop and i've said a-da a couple of times. Sometimes I try to say other things too, but it's my own language so nobody else knows what I'm saying. I love watching my brother and rolling around on the floor. Whenever Austin laughs I laugh too. Usually it's a really over dramatic laugh and I throw my head back when I'm doing it. No lie.

I like hanging upside down. Sometimes when I'm being held I arch my back and kick off whoever is holding me so I can look at things from another angle. Mommy has started trying to do sign language with me. So far the only thing I do to show I'm interested is wiggle my fingers a lot.

I'm a magnet for hair and every time I'm picked up I need to have my fingers and toes checked to make sure hair isn't tangled around them. I'm still pretty small. Just over 13 pounds as a seven month old. I eat a lot though, so I think I'm just petite.

I giggle when people blow air through my hair. I like to tell stories. Sometimes mommy will go down the slide with me, and if there's a blanket wrapped around me I'm big enough to sit in the baby swing at the park. :-)

Phwew... Okay, that's all for now. I have another doctor's appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so if there's any news mommy will help me let you know. ;-)

XoXoXo :-D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All Smiles!

Some cute pictures I thought might be enjoyable.
Austin has been asking me to draw a lot of pictures lately. He tells me what to draw and then he has me put it's "name" above it. I've drawn a train, a balloon, a hockey stick, a golf ball, a kite, and many people. He likes to see himself a lot. I think I'm getting a little better at drawing him!
Austi picked up his sissy tonight, peered in her eyes and then turned her so she was sitting in his lap. Then he looked at me and said, "Take a picture mama!" He didn't need to tell me more than once! :-D

The cutest bug in the universe. He's sporting Jeremy's hat in this pic, being cute as cute can be!!

Austin and Nayeli. :-D

A smile that comes from being tickled heavily. :-P

Austin Bakes a Cake!

EAA Air Venture 2008

It was a warm, partly cloudy day, Sunday August 3rd. My friend Jenny, her boyfriend Trevor, Austin, Nayeli and myself headed up to Oshkosh, WI for an airshow. We had a cooler with the makings for sandwiches, some applesauce, and caffeine free soda! We also had three different types of balls, a frisbee a baseball bat and a hockey stick. We, as always, we lathered in sunscreen and ready for an afternoon of fun!

Austin pretending the bark of a tree is an airplane. He's the pilot of course! After seeing a couple shows he told me he's going to go to school to fly airplanes. :-O

He's not incredibly fond of the loud noises the planes make, but it wasn't enough to make him want to stop watching. He saw an F22, a plane from WWII, and a bunch of planes that did tricks!

On the shoulders of uncle Trevor he could see things a little bit more clear, plus who doesn't feel safe towering six feet above the ground? :-P

At this point Austin was a little more interested in the cheese/pretzel crackers we had along than the airplanes. I liked the planes though!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Austin's Friends!

Austin and his friend Klemanie. Klemanie lives downstairs diagonally from us and he and Austin will play together when Austin is on our balcony and Klemanie on his patio. :-) They like having each other around.

This is Austin and uncle Trevor. They're buddies.

Austin and Jeremy. They're watching The Little Mermaid in this picture. Looks intense to me. :-P Austin likes to play with Jeremy all the time. They play football, wrestle, have tickle fights, play golf, (on the mini courses Austin sets up) play computer games, card games, watch movies and go swimming.

This is Austin and his new friend Braxton. Braxton is the son of one of Jeremy's co-workers. He is four years old and came over the other day for a few hours. Austin and Braxton colored, tumbled, played football, went for a little walk, played at the park, and went down the slide a lot! Afterward they got to have popsicles. :-D Hopefully we'll get to spend some more time with him soon!