Sunday, August 31, 2008

Siete Meses (Seven Months)

I'm SEVEN months old now! This picture is me at an airshow. There was a lot going on, and I did really well for the most part, but there were a couple of loud planes. Mommy and her friends made sure to keep my ears covered though!

I started crawling recently and sometimes I look like I'm trying to go from crawling to sitting up, but I can't sit up on my own yet, so I might just go from crawling to tipping over. I just L♥Ve exploring and finding cords to try and teethe on. ;-)

I say mama, moo, noh, poop and i've said a-da a couple of times. Sometimes I try to say other things too, but it's my own language so nobody else knows what I'm saying. I love watching my brother and rolling around on the floor. Whenever Austin laughs I laugh too. Usually it's a really over dramatic laugh and I throw my head back when I'm doing it. No lie.

I like hanging upside down. Sometimes when I'm being held I arch my back and kick off whoever is holding me so I can look at things from another angle. Mommy has started trying to do sign language with me. So far the only thing I do to show I'm interested is wiggle my fingers a lot.

I'm a magnet for hair and every time I'm picked up I need to have my fingers and toes checked to make sure hair isn't tangled around them. I'm still pretty small. Just over 13 pounds as a seven month old. I eat a lot though, so I think I'm just petite.

I giggle when people blow air through my hair. I like to tell stories. Sometimes mommy will go down the slide with me, and if there's a blanket wrapped around me I'm big enough to sit in the baby swing at the park. :-)

Phwew... Okay, that's all for now. I have another doctor's appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so if there's any news mommy will help me let you know. ;-)

XoXoXo :-D

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