Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Austin's Friends!

Austin and his friend Klemanie. Klemanie lives downstairs diagonally from us and he and Austin will play together when Austin is on our balcony and Klemanie on his patio. :-) They like having each other around.

This is Austin and uncle Trevor. They're buddies.

Austin and Jeremy. They're watching The Little Mermaid in this picture. Looks intense to me. :-P Austin likes to play with Jeremy all the time. They play football, wrestle, have tickle fights, play golf, (on the mini courses Austin sets up) play computer games, card games, watch movies and go swimming.

This is Austin and his new friend Braxton. Braxton is the son of one of Jeremy's co-workers. He is four years old and came over the other day for a few hours. Austin and Braxton colored, tumbled, played football, went for a little walk, played at the park, and went down the slide a lot! Afterward they got to have popsicles. :-D Hopefully we'll get to spend some more time with him soon!

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