Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Few New Things!

Austi loves playing at the park down the street and around the corner. He is a little monkey and can climb things that some ten year olds won't attempt. He can climb up and go down tall slides all by himself and he has been working on the monkey bars. He climbed this particular piece of equipment and said, "Look mama, I did it like a big boy!" He most certainly did. He never ceases to amaze me!!

This is Austin and his cousin Jess. They love playing together in grandma's back yard. They have a slide, lots of toys and a bunny named Sting Ray. :-) Austin likes sporting his sunglasses once in a while. Grandma got them one day and Austin hasn't stopped talking about them since! If we're outside he wants sunglasses!

Another one of Austin's beloved past-times is fishing. Uncle Isaiah, Grandma and Uncle Trevor started this fun. Austin, since May, has been able to go fishing about three times a month. The last time he was out he held a leech! (Eeeeew!) He is surprisingly patient while waiting for fish to bite the hook, and he's very cute when he's not patient, casting and reeling like crazy! :-D Such a boy!!

He is not one to take any bull. :-P As you can tell by the face he's making in this picture. ;-) This was at our county fair. Austin pet many an animal including various types of cows, sheep, rabbits, goats, ducks and horses. We sanitized his hands very well when we were done.

At the fair Austin also rode a pony and went through a fun maze at a record pace. (It wasn't really a record pace, well it might have been, but it wasn't timed, but he went through that thing crazy fast!) Fun was had by all!

As a defense against the evil fireworks of Independence Day Austin's grandpa hooked him up with a set of heavy duty ear muffs. No big booms scaring him through those puppies. ;-) He, for once in his life enjoyed the show and doesn't even get scared when he hears the booms from remaining fireworks go off throughout town. I thought he might be brave and hold a sparkler, but he left the pyrotechnics to his uncle Isaiah. :-D Maybe next year!

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