Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Past Few Months!

Hello Family! Happy Independence Day! Sorry it's been so long since the last update! It's been a busy spring/summer! Here's are a few stories and a little bit you might not know about Austin yet!

Austin was afraid of the pool the first couple of times he got in this summer, but after some more time he is brave as can be! He will jump in, go down the stairs all by himself, crab walk along the side, and even venture away from the wall while on his tip-toes. Yesterday I dunked and held my nose and Austin giggled and then did the same! He's a little water bug!

He is becoming more creative in the toys he uses.. The other day he used a vacum attatchment as a golf club and a stick and rock as a baseball and bat. His favorite toys are still balls. He can make a basket in his little hoop from half way across the living room now.

The other night while at dinner we finished eating and said, "Austin, are you ready to go now?" Austin grabbed all the fries that we're left on his plate, gathered them between his arm and shirt, climbed down from his chair and said, "Bye, bye soon!" And then proceeded to walk toward the door. :-D It was So cute!

His favorite cartoon right now is definately spongebob. He can sing the song and he knows a few of the characters names. He calls spongebob "Punj-bob" and Patrick "Pack-git." :-) He still watches things like Blues Clues and Seasame Street.

His favorite book is one from the Baby Einstein series called "Circles." There is a little circle for him to move from page to page and to get to it on the page you move it to you need to open a flap or slide the cardboard to reveal the circle.

His favorite song for awhile was "Umbrella" by Rhianna. He sings, "ella, ella, ella, ey, ey."

He always asks for cookies in the morning, and I always tell him, "no, we eat breakfast food in the morning, not cookies!" he always tries though. :-)

He loves peanut butter and jelly, and scrambled eggs.

When he sees the M for McDonalds he yells, "dench dies, want dench dies, dench dies!" He, of course, is reffering to fries.

When he sees Shamoo on the commercials for Sea World he gets excited and says "Dolpins!" :-D Then I try to remind him they're whales, but there are dolphins at Sea World, so he is right.

Our trip to Wisconsin was great. He started speaking in sentences while we were there and has only gotten better since we've been back. The morning after we got back he picked up the little suitcase that was on the floor, started walking toward the door and said, "Go see Gamma?"

A few days ago he went to the DVD drawer and picked up a movie, then he said, "Watch.. Lih-l Meh-maid?" Sure enough, it was The Little Mermaid.

Almost everyday at some point we go swimming or to the park down the street, or to our friends house where there's a big backyard. Austin LOVES to be outside!

He has a thing for the ice cream truck. In Wisconsin when went by and my mom told me Austin chased it for four blocks.. She was running behind him of course.

One day he had ice cream outback at our friends house (also his babysitter) and it turned out to be too much for him... It was a melted puddle in the yard of dirt and I saw him take his pointed finger and dip it in and then lick it! I knocked on the window and said, "Austin, Yucky!" Then he smiled, got down on his hands and knees and licked the dirt, in a spot the ice cream wasn't even there! I couldn't believe he did it! He's such a stinker!!! He does a very good job of listening most of the time though. :-)

Tonight we are going to the beach to watch the fireworks. I'm a little worried because Austin often despises loud noises, but we're going to cover his ears and hopefully the "pretty lights" distract him enough that he doesn't mind. :-)

Hopefully we'll be able to update again soon and you can see some pictures of the little bug! Til then, take care!