Saturday, April 29, 2006

And the word for the day is...

PLEASE! Of course it sounded more like peas, but hey we take what we can get... It's mom writing, Austin's in bed. But yeah, this evening Austin wanted a sucker and he handed it to me and I was telling him that he had enough sweets for one day and he said "Peas?" And omigosh I just had to let him have it. I'm in trouble!!! That was the cutest thing I think I've ever heard. I wanted to give him whatever he wanted and more. Hopefully it will be a short lived weakness on my part.
Today my friend Ali brought over her son and he and Austin got to interact with him. They're something like eight months apart but Michael (her son) is a big/strong boy so the age difference doesn't seem to matter a ton. Austin was pretty good at sharing his toys, but he was a little selfish when it came to cookies. Michael was sharing with Austin but Austin wanted them all. He's still just a little guy though so we have some more time to practice sharing and letting other people eat their own cookies.
Last night Austin got really hyper and he was wrestling with Sam. He was acting so crazy, like he was on a sugar kick or something. It was really cute, but he kept trying to bite Sam... Hopefully we can somehow teach him it's okay to wrestle with daddy, but it's not okay to wrestle with kids littler than him.
Well, that's all I've got for now... He's just SO cute! Gotta love him! :-D

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Morning Walk

This morning mom and I went for a walk with our friends Ali and Michael. Ali is close to mommy's age and Michael is a baby like me, so it works out nicely. I love going for walks, and I love being around other kids. Michael is still a little too young for me to really play with, but we stare at eachother a lot and take turns clapping.

I've been trying to say some new words every day. I'm getting pretty good at "banana." I really like bananas so it's nice to know how to ask for them. Today on our walk we stopped by another friends mom's house, when we were leaving I was saying "bye bye" and waving a lot. Then for the rest of the way home I said "bye bye" and waved. Some of the words I have recently tried to learn or already know are "Hi" "Hello" "eye" "What's this?" "Who's that?" "juice" "ball" "happy" "bracelet" "What?" "yes" "no" "don't" "mom" "dada" "night night" and maybe a few others, but neither mom nor I can think of them right now.

That's about all the updating I have for now. The worst of my teething this time around has seemed to pass and I'm getting on a better sleep schedule at night. Mom and dad are pleased. :-D

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The beginning of the Week... and some pictures.

Just Me and Mom
Banana Face
Brushin' My Toofers
This week has started off okay. I had a little trouble going to bed on time these past two nights. The "New Parent Support Group" lady told mom that it could be because I'm trying to reschedule my sleep pattern. Mom doesn't mind because that means instead of 10PM I'll be going to bed more around 9PM.
Yesterday mom and I went for a walk around the apartment complex grounds. I brought a ball with and we played catch and I kicked it a little and I just ran and tumbled a bit too. It was all very exciting.
After dad came home from work and mom came home from school this evening daddy brought in a snail for me to observe. I was fascinated by it. I tried to pick it up but it was stuck to the aluminium dad had placed down for it. I thought it was pretty neat. I love little critters or really anything that I'm not suppose to have.
Mom made chocolate cupcakes tonight and boy oh boy did I like the frosting. I didn't get to eat too much, but what I did eat was Mmm, mmm good! I hope you like the pictures!

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Own Way

I've always liked doing things my own way and on my own time. It started a long time ago when I was still in my mommy's tummy and became more aparent when I started crawling. I would never do a "normal" crawl. No... I'm an individual, I've just got to be unique. If crawling unlike any other wasn't enough for me the way I hold my sippy cup might just be. I usually hold it this way, no matter how many times mommy or daddy turns it around and tells me I wouldn't have to tilt my head back so much if I just held it the way they show me how to hold it. What fun is it to be like everyone else and do things the "easy" way? I like to do them MY way!
Mommy and I have been cleaning my room for the past two days. It's like having all new toys. I get so excited with every new thing she hands me.
Yesterday she found a little stuffed smiley face toy that sings "Groovy Kind of Love." She used to put it in the crib with me when I was younger because it soothed me and made me laugh. Anyway I haven't seen it in a long time and when she pushed the button and started singing I think it brought back memories because I got this nostalgic/excited look on my face and said, "ooh?!" And then I grabbed it off the organizer it was sitting on and hugged it and tried to sing along. Mom thought it was cute.
Another thing I got to do yesterday and today was climb on some boxes and my toybox (after mom put the lid on it) You'd think I was a monkey or at least a brave little daredevil. I just climb right up on those things and pace and dance and climb down and then back up. Mom gets pretty nervous when I do stuff like that but I don't think she should worry that much. It's not much more than a foot, foot and a half off the ground and I'm tough... I've got a hard head.
I've gotten into trying to sing along with songs lately. I love my little spider toy that sings the abc's. I push it's tummy and try to sing along. Yesterday I said r,s,u, and w. The "w" sounded like "dow-ooh." I also know how to make the "Groovy Kind of Love" smiley sing, (all I have to do is squeeze it's hand) I like to do that and try to sing along as well.
Tomorrow is the start of National Turn-off the TV Week. Mom thinks it's a good idea but I don't know if I'm gonna like it. I think I'll be okay during the day and at night I'll probably get to watch a little with dad. :-D
I'm cutting two of my bottom molars right now. It doesn't feel the best and it makes for some long nights, but I'll be happy when I have them and can chew a little more effeciently.
That's all my news for now. I'll make sure mommy posts if anything new happens. :-D

Friday, April 21, 2006

~Pismo Beach~ (My First Time Camping)

Last weekend I went camping for the first time. My daddy and mommy and I went to Pismo Beach. It was pretty cool. In the car before we got to the camp site daddy was asking me if we should take the water way, which meant driving closer to where the surf was coming up, and I said "water way!" Dad and mom were entertained by that.
When I first got to the site and out of the vehicle it was a little bit cold, but my great aunt Julie bundled me up and fed me. That made me happy. I got to see my second cousin Natasha and my great uncle Ed. I really liked Natasha. She made me laugh.
While camping I learned how to walk on sand in shoes. It took me a little while to get it down, but by the time we had to leave I was a pro.
In the morning when all the people with quads and bikes started their engines I was a little upset. I wasn't ready to wake up, but the sun shining through the tent and all the noise didn't really give me a choice. Mommy thought it was cute that I tried covering my eyes and my ears. She felt bad for me though.
After we got out of the tent aunt Julie fed me again. I really like when she does that. Aunt Julie also helped me build some sand creations and she stood by me when I was trying to hit golf balls around.
Shortly before the six hour drive home daddy let me sit with him on the mini-motorcycle and he drove really slow with me on a quad. I like the motorcycle better.
The drive home was okay. About halfway home in a city called Norwalk we stopped for dinner and I got to run around and let out all my pent up energy. I stomped around the burger place we were at and spoke in a very loud voice. Every time the door opened I tried to go outside. Dad and mom decided just to move to an outside table and let me run around more freely where I wouldn't disrupt as many people.
I had a lot of fun and because of all the running around they let me do at that stop I didn't even cry when I had to go back in my car seat. I'm such a good boy!.. But yeah, that's how my first "vacation" went.