Friday, April 21, 2006

~Pismo Beach~ (My First Time Camping)

Last weekend I went camping for the first time. My daddy and mommy and I went to Pismo Beach. It was pretty cool. In the car before we got to the camp site daddy was asking me if we should take the water way, which meant driving closer to where the surf was coming up, and I said "water way!" Dad and mom were entertained by that.
When I first got to the site and out of the vehicle it was a little bit cold, but my great aunt Julie bundled me up and fed me. That made me happy. I got to see my second cousin Natasha and my great uncle Ed. I really liked Natasha. She made me laugh.
While camping I learned how to walk on sand in shoes. It took me a little while to get it down, but by the time we had to leave I was a pro.
In the morning when all the people with quads and bikes started their engines I was a little upset. I wasn't ready to wake up, but the sun shining through the tent and all the noise didn't really give me a choice. Mommy thought it was cute that I tried covering my eyes and my ears. She felt bad for me though.
After we got out of the tent aunt Julie fed me again. I really like when she does that. Aunt Julie also helped me build some sand creations and she stood by me when I was trying to hit golf balls around.
Shortly before the six hour drive home daddy let me sit with him on the mini-motorcycle and he drove really slow with me on a quad. I like the motorcycle better.
The drive home was okay. About halfway home in a city called Norwalk we stopped for dinner and I got to run around and let out all my pent up energy. I stomped around the burger place we were at and spoke in a very loud voice. Every time the door opened I tried to go outside. Dad and mom decided just to move to an outside table and let me run around more freely where I wouldn't disrupt as many people.
I had a lot of fun and because of all the running around they let me do at that stop I didn't even cry when I had to go back in my car seat. I'm such a good boy!.. But yeah, that's how my first "vacation" went.

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ChristianYogi said...

Dear Austin,
We are so happy you had a nice time at Pismo Beach with Mommy and Daddy. You look like a pro on the bike with Daddy!
You are getting to be such a big boy!
Hugs and kisses,
Grandpa & Grandma Green