Monday, April 24, 2006

My Own Way

I've always liked doing things my own way and on my own time. It started a long time ago when I was still in my mommy's tummy and became more aparent when I started crawling. I would never do a "normal" crawl. No... I'm an individual, I've just got to be unique. If crawling unlike any other wasn't enough for me the way I hold my sippy cup might just be. I usually hold it this way, no matter how many times mommy or daddy turns it around and tells me I wouldn't have to tilt my head back so much if I just held it the way they show me how to hold it. What fun is it to be like everyone else and do things the "easy" way? I like to do them MY way!
Mommy and I have been cleaning my room for the past two days. It's like having all new toys. I get so excited with every new thing she hands me.
Yesterday she found a little stuffed smiley face toy that sings "Groovy Kind of Love." She used to put it in the crib with me when I was younger because it soothed me and made me laugh. Anyway I haven't seen it in a long time and when she pushed the button and started singing I think it brought back memories because I got this nostalgic/excited look on my face and said, "ooh?!" And then I grabbed it off the organizer it was sitting on and hugged it and tried to sing along. Mom thought it was cute.
Another thing I got to do yesterday and today was climb on some boxes and my toybox (after mom put the lid on it) You'd think I was a monkey or at least a brave little daredevil. I just climb right up on those things and pace and dance and climb down and then back up. Mom gets pretty nervous when I do stuff like that but I don't think she should worry that much. It's not much more than a foot, foot and a half off the ground and I'm tough... I've got a hard head.
I've gotten into trying to sing along with songs lately. I love my little spider toy that sings the abc's. I push it's tummy and try to sing along. Yesterday I said r,s,u, and w. The "w" sounded like "dow-ooh." I also know how to make the "Groovy Kind of Love" smiley sing, (all I have to do is squeeze it's hand) I like to do that and try to sing along as well.
Tomorrow is the start of National Turn-off the TV Week. Mom thinks it's a good idea but I don't know if I'm gonna like it. I think I'll be okay during the day and at night I'll probably get to watch a little with dad. :-D
I'm cutting two of my bottom molars right now. It doesn't feel the best and it makes for some long nights, but I'll be happy when I have them and can chew a little more effeciently.
That's all my news for now. I'll make sure mommy posts if anything new happens. :-D

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Grandpa Green said...

Dear Grandson,
Keep being an individual, son! You are a Green!
More pictures!
Grandpa & Grandma