Thursday, April 27, 2006

Morning Walk

This morning mom and I went for a walk with our friends Ali and Michael. Ali is close to mommy's age and Michael is a baby like me, so it works out nicely. I love going for walks, and I love being around other kids. Michael is still a little too young for me to really play with, but we stare at eachother a lot and take turns clapping.

I've been trying to say some new words every day. I'm getting pretty good at "banana." I really like bananas so it's nice to know how to ask for them. Today on our walk we stopped by another friends mom's house, when we were leaving I was saying "bye bye" and waving a lot. Then for the rest of the way home I said "bye bye" and waved. Some of the words I have recently tried to learn or already know are "Hi" "Hello" "eye" "What's this?" "Who's that?" "juice" "ball" "happy" "bracelet" "What?" "yes" "no" "don't" "mom" "dada" "night night" and maybe a few others, but neither mom nor I can think of them right now.

That's about all the updating I have for now. The worst of my teething this time around has seemed to pass and I'm getting on a better sleep schedule at night. Mom and dad are pleased. :-D

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