Sunday, August 6, 2006

~Austin's Artwork~

Well my little bug lately has decided that he likes to put toys in the broiler... I didn't figure it out til one night when I was cooking there happened to be a great amount of smoke and nothing had spilled and nothing was where it could catch on fire to my knowledge... The next day I heard the broiler opening and closing and went in the kitchen to find that little Austin Eric was putting everything that he could fit under the oven. The art on my wall, (not the faces) is the work of Austin E. Green. I think it's a nice touch. One baseball, (the charred, semi-white thing in the top right hand corner) and two stacking cups. (I'm not sure which numbers they were.) There was also a hacky-sack, but that wasn't so pretty. Since the incident Austin is monitored carefully if he's in the kitchen and I always check the broiler before cooking. :-D

Thursday, August 3, 2006


Austin's been a handful lately. Sam comes back the 7th. Yay! Here's a pic w/ three generations in it...

Grandma-------------------------------- Mom
(Penny Johnston)---------------(Amy Green)
Amusing, is it not?