Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Schooling: Music and Arts

All of the kids have been very interested in music the past few weeks. We are constantly singing around the house. Usually to the tune of Clementine or You are My Sunshine. The kids even learned our address and phone number that way. :) Today I got Classical Baby in the mail. It has Dance, Art and Music. I also have a children's art history book on the way. There were several I wanted to order, but I figured I would check out what looked to be the most interesting/informative/kid friendly first. Another musical thing we are interested in our home is Tuvian throat singing. It's fascinating. We are having fun making different sounds with our voices and various objects we have around. Ooh! Another thing that I recently got which is surprisingly educational is a Purr-pals Nintendo DS game. I got it for Boo since she doesn't have any DS games of her own. She is only two so play will be extremely limited. The game is all about grooming/loving/playing with kittens. There are mini-games that include playing music as notes go by, and memory games involving more music. I'm so excited about it. Bubs likes it a lot too already. Yay! This month we will be starting homeschooling for Kindergarten. I am very excited. I hope it goes as well as I think it will. :D

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