Friday, April 16, 2010

V is for Volcano, W is for Wolf...

Bubs missed some pre-school b/c he was sick over the past few weeks. I knew the letters his class was learning so I printed off some worksheets and we traced and colored them. We also were yelling out words that started with our letter of the day.

Our neighbor showed Bubs her rock collection the other day and he really wants to learn more. I am thinking I can teach him the three different types of rocks and show him my rock collection, but I want to make it fun. I am more sure every day that I am going to enroll him in the Lawrence Virtual School for kindergarten at least.

Recently I made a schedule chart. I'm excited b/c I could have ordered it for $15 but instead I made it for less than two. It was work though. Totally worth it. I believe it will help us to keep a schedule up and also teach reading. :-) Yay!

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