Monday, May 1, 2006

My Weekend

This picture was taken on Friday when Michael came to my house. We're sharing my drum. We got to play again last night at his house and then he shared his toys with me. He's got neat toys that are unfamiliar to me so I had extra fun playing with those. At his house we went in a hot tub and I liked that a lot. He was very splashy, and after awhile I got splashy too. I'm excited for when it's warmer out so mom and I can swim in the pool at our apartment complex.

On Saturday dad and mom had a barbecue. I liked it because I got to eat hotdogs and play outside. While I was wondering around I ventured into the laundry room following a couple and their baby. Mom and I met them and they are sort of new at the complex and the same ages as daddy and mommy. Their little girl is eight and a half months. I got to play with her for a little while because it was her outside time too.

I said two/three more words this weekend... "cheese," "cracker," and "cookie." Three of my favorate things! ;-)

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