Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy Week

This week has been full of things to do. Mom and I have been walking every day and we have some new friends at the apartment complex that come over for play dates. Yesterday we went to the park with our new friends and some of our old friends. It was like mommies and babies on parade. I went down the slide by myself and loved it!

Today I got to visit Katie's house while mommy went to the dentist. Katie took me for a walk to McDonalds. I fell asleep on the way home and when I woke up mommy was there. I got to play with Katie's doggies and her son Carlos. Carlos is four and likes to play with me a lot.

Tomorrow we are leaving for northern California. We'll probably have another busy weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all my grandma's/great grandma's. And to all the other mothers who read this. :-)

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