Friday, January 2, 2009

A Visit With Jeremy's Grandma

Jeremy's grandma came today! She was very sweet! We started the visit by eating at a pizza place called Cici's. It has a lot of different types of pizza like macaroni, alfredo, taco, hamburger, buffalo chicken, and apple pie. Those are just a few. Austin had the macaroni pizza today, Jeremy's grandma had the alfredo, Jeremy and I had spinach pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and a couple other ones too. It's a fun place to eat and very affordable!

After lunch we went to Rolling Hills Wildlife Museum. It was a fascinating place but Austin got scared when we first arrived. Most of the museum is mounted wildlife and big replicas. There are forest and animal noises all around and it's not the lightest place. I think all the still animals creeped the bug out because he clung to anyone who would hold him for a good 15 minutes. Nayeli was content as can be just listening to the nature. Jeremy seemed to be interested in the little fact plaques, I'm not sure what grandma liked and I enjoyed looking at everything. There were a couple of amazing waterfalls in the place and the detail in the displays was incredible!

One part Austin liked was the robots. The museum was sort of like going "around the world" in animals and cultures. There were native american robots, african robots, eskimo robots, wild west robots, asian robots, indian robots and egyptian robots. They looked just like people but a little more plastic. They're mouths moved and they talked to one another. That was another fascinating part.

Austin's very favorite part of the museum was the kids zone. There were computers with programs where you have to match an animal to all the parts that are it's own, and there were microscopes and lots of slides. There were drawers full of plant and insect life. There were two large areas for reading and playing with animal puppets, and there was a corner full of animal leggos. For a while some other kids came in and Austin was really enjoying himself!

After all that we said goodbye to grandma and came home and took a nap. I think we're still trying to recover from the lateness of new year's eve. :-S

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