Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost ONE!

Nayeli is going to be one year old tomorrow! We don't have anything big planned. Just presents and cake. :) Nayeli has been talking a lot more lately. She says hi, hello, peek-a-boo, tickle-tickle, "autin," ma, dah, something that sounds like loveyoo, no, and probably a couple of other things too. She waves hello and goodbye, stands up by herself, she takes steps here and there, she can walk next to me when she holds my hand.

She loves playing with her big brother and recently she has become very interested in listening to stories and pretending to read herself. She still loves singing and music, so every time she hears a song she pretty much sings along. :) It's precious of course!

I'm excited to see if she'll blow out her candle by herself tomorrow. I'll have to post a couple of pictures of her eating cake and all that. :)

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