Saturday, May 16, 2009

Potato Madness!

**Overall it was a very creative and fun hour or so for Austin and me, and even Nayeli got to join in!**

Here's a little peek at our time together!

*A mommy potato had her little spud, it was in her tummy, and after she had it he became a super ghost. Austin flew super ghost back to mommy and then said, as mommy potato, "AHHH, my baby's a ghost... I don't like you as a ghost." Baby ghost said, "okay mommy, I'll just be your baby." Then he took off his costume and went back in mommy's arms.

*Austin made a mermaid and wanted glasses for her. After he found just the right pair he goes, "There, she's so beautiful."
*The pirates wanted to catch the mermaid, but she didn't want to be caught. Spiderman saved her, but she was still upset because he caught her. Then he let her go and the guitar guy came and sang her a song.

*Spiderman kept having to rescue everyone from the "bad pirates."

*The cowboy kept playing the Indiana Jones theme song and the guitar liked it and strummed his guitar along.
*Some lovely potato head ladies liked the music, but a police officer came and gave him a warning for disturbing the peace.

*The Easter Bunny got mad because a person had bunny slippers on and the Easter Bunny thought he should have the slippers. He started hopping on everybody. They called for help from Spiderman but Austin thought the person with the slippers should just switch shoes with Easter Bunny so he would be happy. It worked!

*Nayeli got to play with the princess potato head after she was rescued by spiderman. (the princess, not Nayeli... even though she's a princess too.)

*Austin and almost all of his potato heads!

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