Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Love Animals!!!

Mom and I are visiting Wisconsin, and there is a nice park in mom's hometown. At the park there is a petting zoo and it has goats, burros, llamas, cows, sheep and ponies. I liked the cows the best. This is a picture of me hugging them. :-)
Last weekend mommy took me camping with my grandpa and uncle Isaiah and my grandpa's girlfriend and her son and her nephew. There was a feeding time for the goats and I got right in the action!
This is me with grandpa and his girlfriend Lori. I was very hyper when we were camping. In the picture I am eating a granola bar.
Here I am exploring. I loved all the things I could climb on and get into while we were camping. I didn't like that I couldn't go in the road, but I guess mommy wants me to be around for a while.
This is just me feeding the goats again. For a little while there were a few other kids there, they lost interest before me and left though, so then I had the goats all to myself. :-)
So far Wisconsin has been fun. I might not be sleeping enough but I am definately getting my fair share of outside time. Tomorrow I get to go with my grandma to a pool that has slides. :-) I'll post again when I have more pictures and more stories to tell.

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