Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Wisconsin Trip -the first two weeks-

here are some "blips" from my updates on austin to sam via email.

austin's taken pretty well to everyone so far, except tim... he's a little afraid of tim. i think it's the facial hair. it should be better after this weekend. i'll make sure to take some pix and stuff of camping. i'm hoping to get austin to hit the ball on mini golf. i'm so excited.

austin probably won't mind hearing your (sam's) voice. today he started saying bye bye in every house we're in. i think he's ready to go home. poor little guy has a while to go yet. :-S

camping went fine. i pretty much just chased after austin the whole time.

we went to the park and went on a couple of rides. it was nice. austin is Finally taking a nap...

the night before we left for wisconsin austin climbed/fell out of his crib. he says "string cheese" now, and sometimes when he says "no" he emphasizes it a lot, and he can say "yeah". it's pretty cute. mom's husband taught him how to put his fists up when he says fight and tim taught him to say "bachi."

after breakfast we went to mom's house and let austin play outside with the bunny for a while. there was a dog across the street that kept barking and austin started barking back. it was pretty funny.

we all went to the water park. it was fun, austin was asleep for the first little while we were there, then he woke up and we went in the water and down like a baby water slide. he loves water he can actually stand up in. it's so cute. :-) he's very brave and he's gotten really good at holding his breath if his head goes under water.

Austin says "baby" now instead of "baba." it's very cute.

Austin is saying "basket ball" (well, actually backet ball) now... and he said "suitcase" (zootgaze) and he calls food "numa num," cuz I always say "num nums" to him.

tonight we went to see fireworks in a little town about thirty minutes away. austin didn't mind the fireworks that were being lit off far away, (we couldn't really hear them.) when the fireworks where we were started he pulled one of my hands over his eyes and covered one of his ears with his free hand. he didn't cry at all though. he fell asleep about halfway through the show. after that nothing fazed him at all. it was crazy. our son would sleep through world war 3 if he was tired enough. :-P crazy kid.

he's so funny and a big flirt. he's made like three girlfriends in stores and at parks since we've been here. it's so entertaining. the little girl he met at the mall was chasing him and giving him big kisses. it was So cute.

i don't remember if i told you or not but austin comes up to me now and says "kiss" and then he kisses me... and he trys to bite my face sometimes... :-S :-)

when i'm back in cali and get a chance i'll post what the last two weeks of wisconsin were like.

Happy Independence Day everyone!
God bless America!

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