Friday, November 7, 2008

So Long Tooth! (And other toothy business.)

An odd thing to blog about perhaps, but... I lost a tooth today. I didn't really have the best dental care during either of my pregnancies and my teeth suffered dearly because of it. I lost my second tooth to abcess today. :-S

It's been a few weeks now since the pain became unbarable. I've missed two days of work and cryed and shook with pain, I've also been to the ER once. Finally I managed to snag an appointment and the judgement was quick and painful. Tooth out, now... Well, technically, tooth out six hours ago, but you get the picture. :-P

It was worth it, I can tell you already. Honestly if I could afford dentures I'd probably go that route because I personally believe oral pain is MUCH worse than labor... possibly more painful than pregnancy. (Labor was the easy part of pregnancy for me, even with the epidural not working til I had to push with Nayeli.) I'm praying for no dry sockets and I've got a full exam scheduled for March.

Austin has a dental visit coming up on November 17th. Fun stuff! Hopefully he'll learn something new, or at least have new motivation to brush every morning and every night. :-D Speaking of teeth, Nayeli is doing very well with her three on the bottom. She loves nawing away at apples and crackers. She pretty much likes eating everything I give her to eat... Plus some things I don't give her to eat! :-S

I can't wait til I can chew again... I'm hungry! :-P Guess I'm having soup for a few days. ;-)

Some Pictures of toothy and toothless smiles on election day.

^We haven't quite finished unpacking all the boxes from our move yet.^

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Bri said...

Glad you finally got your tooth taken care of! It was good talking to you the other day -- I miss you! Wish you could be around!