Sunday, November 30, 2008

~The Second Half of November~

It's been somewhat of a hectic second half of the month, but there have been a lot of good times. First there was five days of celebrating Austin's birthday, then Thanksgiving and me meeting Jeremy's parents for the first time.

For Austin's birthday we went out to eat a few times, watched him open lots of presents, swam, went to Kansas City to go to the T-Rex Cafe and see Madagascar 2. We also ate cake and just hung out and tried to teach him that he's four now, instead of three.

Thanksgiving was fine. The night before Jeremy, the kids and I met his parents at IHOP. We had a late dinner and then without his parents we went to Walmart to pick up some more food for the next day. I worked Thanksgiving morning. The store was pretty dead, and yet the time went fast. We had pasta and meatballs, a traditional Italian Thanksgiving dinner. Jeremy and his parents made all the food. It was pretty good, and both the kids loved it.

Jeremy's parents seemed to like the kids. It was wonderful having some new faces around for them to interact with. :-) Hopefully we'll get to see them again around Christmas time.

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Nicole.Ann said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

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