Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work and Leisure

I picked up an extra shift at work this week. Almost 26 hours all together, which will make for a better pay check. :-) On Saturday I have plans to take the kids to the zoo for a "Snowflake Celebration." I'm excited and I hope it's not too cold. Tomorrow is the "celebration" for the store I work in. I get done with work before the festivities begin, but I might bring the kids in.

Yesterday I took Jeremy to work then drove Austin around to look at Christmas lights. We had a lot of fun doing it. After looking around we went to the mall to walk around and play at the indoor park. Austin made a couple of little friends and we shared a Hi-C from the Pretzel Maker.

After work on Friday I'm going to have to go around and do some bill paying, and I'll probably pick up a winter jacket for myself and Nayeli. It hasn't snowed extensively yet, but it's getting windy, and soon it will be bitterly cold. I'd like to be prepared.

Work is a little more stressful around the holidays. People come to the grocery store in a hurry and get angry when they make an error on self scan. I wish they would just go through an actual lane or realize that I'm a real person and not a robot if they are going to get frustrated in my line. I try to keep a positive attitude but I'm starting to develop a phobia of older women. I miss the women I had bible study with in California. None of them treated me the way some of these ladies do.

Most of the time, Kansas has the nicest people I've ever met. These older women terrify me though. :-S The old men, on the other hand, are funny and entertaining and I am happy to help them in the self check. They are very much gentlemen and never inappropriate and just a pleasure to work with.

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