Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A few nights ago Jeremy and I were channel surfing and on PBS a band called the High Kings were playing. They are from Ireland, and go figure, sing Irish songs. :-) I LOVE their voices, and the songs and have been listening to them a lot over the past few days. Jeremy and the kids like them just as much and we have been enjoying the sound. Also, I read a couple books this past month that inspired me to turn on some classical music in the house when it would otherwise be quiet... I LOVE it. Austin was singing Vivaldi's "Gloria" the other day, and I didn't realize I knew it, but I sang it in choir in high school. So, we sang it together, and Nayeli sang too. :-) It's all so calming. The other night when I was starting to fall asleep I couldn't tell if I had a particular classical piece stuck in my head, or if I was making up one of my own. I wish I knew how to write music. :-P (Not quite enough yet to learn on my own though.)

It snowed for the first time yesterday. It's almost all melted now, but it's staying colder than it has been since I moved here. Just three days ago it was still 50 degrees. I'm a little excited for when there's enough snow to sled, not really excited for the cold. :-P

Happy Holidays to all of my friends and family and everyone who might read this blog. :-D

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