Friday, December 5, 2008

Stat Care

My little betty likes to get hair wrapped around her tosies from time to time and the day was one of them. J and I thought she was teething something fierce and we tried to comfort her as best as possible. Nothing was working, she was fussy and not sleeping at all. Today just after I left for work Jeremy realized that the only time she ever cries this much is when she is stuck in hair. It's happened two times before so that she's had the indentions from my hair on her toe(s) for up to two days after it comes off. Well, today, her toe was black. Jeremy cut the hair off and tried to get a hold of me but my cell was off. I got home and he showed me. Most of the color had come back but she has a giant blood blister bigger than her toe itself. I took her to the place for "minor" emergencies and the doc says he doesn't think her toe is going to die, but she's going on an antibiotic and needs to be seen again on Sunday. My poor princess. :-(

Drama aside...
She said light tonight.

Also, she has four teeth now. Three on the bottom and one on top. The one on top isn't one of her front teeth but her left "vampire" tooth. :-P She's adollable!

She got to open her first Christmas present yesterday and she was all kinds of excited. It's was great to watch! She got two "singing" books from my grammy and grandpa and a beautiful Christmas dress. Grammy made it all on her own. :-)

She's not walking yet, but she stands on her own a little bit more now. She pulls herself up on furniture or toys and then lets go. My little "big" girl. ;-) Love her, love her!!

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